is one part of our network of websites which are all devoted to the topic of art history. Most others concentrate on a single artist, where as this domain allows us to discuss more generic elements of the history of art as well as featuring lesser famous painters and sculptors who are not prominent enough to warrant having their own specialist domain. The data that we have provided within this Ezoic review is entirely accurate, but refers to our entire domain network, rather than just this website alone. We shall continue to update our traffic and revenue data in order to give a clear and honest summary of our experiences since we switched from using Google Adsense across the network to using Ezoic instead.

What are Google Adsense and Ezoic?

Adsense to Ezoic - How was our Revenue Impacted?

We are still in the process of building up a solid bank of data from using Ezoic over an extended period, but we have included data below to give an honest assessment as possible. Over time we will be able to be more precise in the revenue changes that have occurred since our switch to the Ezoic program. There are also many different variables which can impact revenue, traffic and user behaviour but hopefully the large sample size should make our findings about as reliable as is possible at this stage. The process of switching several hundred websites from Adsense to Ezoic was lengthy, mainly because we wanted to just try a few websites before moving the whole network across. We also have some sites on Ezoic that were not actually accepted by Adsense at the time, but we include the data below as an indication of the increases that we have experienced.

June 2020 - Using Google Adsense

In that month we were using Google Adsense across the entire network, with a small use of Amazon Associates. We recorded a total of 155,273 page views across June, and made a total of £170.74. This equates to around $236.77 (July 2021).

June 2021 - Moving across to Ezoic

We started to try out sites on Ezoic in April and were pleased with the early signs and so decided to move the rest of the network across to Ezoic in June. Many sites were added across the month, and so the program was not able to have the full impact at this stage, but you can see from the pageviews a fairly good indication of the changes in revenue. We recorded 143,349 page views across the month and earnt an impressive £479.89, which equates to about $665.53. It is important to recognise that our Amazon Associate ads were separate to these two sets of adverts, but were left entirely untouched and were placed identically across the two periods.

Adsense (June 2020)
Pageviews: 155,273
Revenue: $236.77
Ezoic (June 2021)
Pageviews: 143,349
Revenue: $665.53
Monthly Revenue
Increase of 181% ($428.76)

Things to Note about this Data

  • Many of our sites were added mid-way through the month, meaning the overall revenue from the month was lower than it might have been.
  • The sites that we added initially a few months earlier have risen in revenue as the Ezoic AI kicks in, meaning that all of the new sites should increase their earnings in future months as they settle in.
  • We have set our traffic levels to 99%, meaning that some visitors were still seeing Adsense ads, and i haven't actually included these in the Ezoic earnings for June, 2021.
  • Advertising rates would have changed across the board between 2020 and 2021, meaning this data is only representative of what you might hope to achieve, rather than a specific prediction.

Advantages of Ezoic

Disadvantages of Ezoic

Is Ezoic better than Adsense?

Certainly in our experience so far, we have made more revenue from our website network using Ezoic than we previously made with Google Adsense. Naturally, there are many different variables involved when making any comparisons, but the very clear and considerable rise in revenue cannot be explained other than by the switch of advertising programs. We will continue to monitor the differences as we go forward, as future market changes may alter the different between the two programs but certainly don't plan on switching back anytime soon. Additionally, we have also noticed that our earnings as an Amazon Associate have reduced in recent months due to changes with the commission rate and so the increase revenue from our standard advertising has been particularly helpful.

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