Tom is the owner and sole contributer of all content featured within TheHistoryOfArt.org. Additionally, he also produces art videos and custom imagery. Tom has studied art for many decades and comes from a family of artists. His favourite artistic periods would be the early Italian Renaissance and also the British Victorian era.

He has put together an impressive collection of art books and enjoys delving into specific artists and artworks from a wide range of art history - with his focus spanning from the 13th century, and the earliest signs of the Renaissance, all the way through to around the 1970s, with Abstract art and other modern art movements.

Tom has also recently spent some time and effort in promoting some of the women artists of the past who have not been afforded the exposure that their skills and influence deserved. This will remain a constant aspect of his articles, and this also reflects a similar attitude by a number of western art galleries and museums who continue to bring more attention to female artists from the past few centuries.

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