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Published on June 19, 2020 / Updated on October 14, 2023
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Artists often various tastes and approaches to art. These usually vary since they are inspired by different factors such as the roman lifestyle, Greek mythology, and even bible scrips. Below we'll have a look at a biblically inspired concept titled “The Beloved” by Dante Gabriel Rossetti.

The beloved is a mid-19th-century painting that’s is based on a biblical concept. The piece of art is based on the book of songs of Solomon. The painting illustrates two passages from the book of songs of Solomon. From the painting, we can see a total of six characters with the center of focus being a bride. Unlike other brides the one on the picture is seen moving back her veil. As a result, this causes the four virginal bridesmaids plus an African page boy to attend to at her service. From the painting, we can see a universal tale that is in life; that is the unlimited attention the bride has before her wedding. Consequently, this makes the piece of art full of life and intriguing to look at.

As center stage of every occasion, the artist ensures that the bride is quite recognizable from every angle since she is Peruvian headdress and a Japanese gown. Also, the painting could be from Europe since it has an abundant exotic fiber frames by the bride's face. Despite the portrait being imaginary and biblically inspired, the piece was mostly influenced by Olympia. Olympia was a controversial painting that was first exhibited in 1865 by Edouard Manet. The picture was finished a year later. Rossetti, however, made adjustments to the piece several times, thus turning it into his life's work project. Lastly, The Beloved painting is medium and of oil and canvas.

The painting displays the artist as a master of space management. As such, this enables him to fit multiple characters in a single piece. It also displays a perfect blend between the Caucasian skin color and the African skin. The artist is able to capture the emotions of each character within the paint. For instance, the bridesmaids in the painting seem concerned while the bride looks bored and scared. He has a good blend of colors as can be seen from the blonde bride to the brunet bridesmaids. Also, this is displayed by the blend in the lady's wear in the painting.