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Tom Gurney BSc (Hons) is an art history expert with over 20 years experience
Published on June 19, 2020 / Updated on October 14, 2023
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When looking for things to draw, many will be short of ideas - why not just pick something cute? This article gives you 25 examples of cute drawings to spark your creative mind.

Introduction to Cute Drawings

In order to find cute drawings we have concentrated on popular themes, such as cats and kittens, dogs and puppies, and other related animals, insects and birds. Many will be in cartoon-like styles, which take the main characteristics of each creature, and then amend them to make them a little more cute. Other items can also work too, such as a cute house, the moon and stars and other niche selections. Each image below includes a description about it, and tips on how to make your own sketches. There are also links to other specialist pages in which we drill down deeper into specific subjects, providing tips and techniques for drawing each one specifically.

We hope that this selection provides you with plenty of inspiration for your work, and our drawings section features many other topics in detail to help you come up with all manner of different ideas for your work. Our lists are mainly aimed at beginner artists and children, but there are also a number of highly polished vintage drawings and paintings which can offer guidance to more experienced artists too. In all, this website features hundreds of drawings to browse through, all picked by hand in order to help you to evolve your oeuvre over time.

List of Famous Cute Drawings and Paintings

We have provided a list of 25 cute drawings below, covering a wide selection of topics, but mainly focusing on animals, insects and birds. Further below this list you will also find discussion around a number of topics related to cute drawings, such as what specifically makes these subjects cute, and tips and techniques for producing drawings of your own which carry some of these same qualities. You might make use of a wide variety of drawing tools, for example, running from charcoal and pencil up to digital art pens, crayons and colored pencils.

We always suggest finding one or two subjects that interest you and keeping things simple at the start. You can start with tracing outlines initially to learn the contours of your subject, before moving on to more complex creations at a later date. As a general rule, practice and observation are key to success, and have helped sketchers develop their skills for many centuries. We also discuss the future of cute drawings further below, with digital art likely to become a major contributor to that, through the production and sharing of digital art.

Cute Owl Cartoon

This delightful owl is completed in a cartoon-like style, with large eyes, smiling beak and open, welcoming arms. This illustrates how much can be achieved with relatively few lines, and also just a small palette. The artist deliberately makes use of human-like features in order to make this owl more palatable to our tastes, and it would certainly appeal to younger audiences and could be used as a book illustration. Those looking to produce a quick and easy owl sketch, could do worse than to sketch elements of this drawing, which is provided by Rawpixel who believe it to be copyright-free. You will find other birds included elsewhere in this list of cute drawings.

Cute Owl Cartoon Cute Owl Cartoon (image provided by RawPixel)

Fun Cute Snail Illustration

This fun and cute snail is exciting because of the detail added to its bright and colorful shell. The lines and shapes are delivered in a clean fashion, and the close-up nature of this artwork means we can feel more of a connection to the snail itself. A few simple trick of using lighter tones across the body of the snail helps to create an image of shading, and the colors and shaped patterned across the various levels of the shell appear to have a caribbean influence, judging by the warm palette of colors used, with reds, greens, blues and oranges all complenting each other beautifully. The snail is shown with his head raised, suggesting a friendly, welcoming nature which adds to the positivity of this snail artwork.

Fun Cute Snail Illustration Fun Cute Snail Illustration (image provided by RawPixel)

Cute Duck Image in Yellow and Gold

This cute duck is produced using just a few intelligent lines and shapes as well as a palette of just orange and yellow, with black for its eye. The consistency and simplicity makes this a beautiful illustration, and many beginners could use this as inspiration for their own work. To many, this duck will remind them of their early years, with rubber ducks being used in the bath for children to play with. Its ability to float makes for lots of fun, and for this reason drawings such as this will feel charming and bring back fond memories. The illustration is therefore not intended to be an entirely realistic drawing of a duck, but rather a reflection of the plastic, toy type instead.

Cute Duck Image in Yellow and Gold Cute Duck Image in Yellow and Gold (image provided by RawPixel)

Cute Dolphin Colored Cartoon Drawing

Dolphins remain much loved creatures thanks to their great intelligence and ability to have fun amongst themselves, and with humans. This drawing below captures elements of human features, seemingly smiling and with marks above its eye which resemble our eye brows. Touches of detail create a feeling of light reflecting on its body, which helps the artwork to appear less static. The tail also flicks out below, giving the impressive that this happy dolphin may have lifted itself into the air. Dolphins remain popular choices for artists, and cartoon versions of them can easily be used for book illustrations, film and television, normally aimed at children.

Cute Dolphin Colored Cartoon Drawing Cute Dolphin Colored Cartoon Drawing (image provided by RawPixel)

Cute Moon and Stars Painting

A cute moon and stars will often remind us of the early years, in which baby's clothing and toys are often decorated with mmon and stars art. They can also be used in more mature art too, such as with Alphonse Mucha's Moon and Stars painting from the early 20th century. There is something charming about the topic, which affects all of our lives, even though we often take our universe entirely for granted. For many centuries we have stared into the sky to admire the beauty of our constellations, and today we are starting to visit some of these planets for the first time. There is also a great simplicity to moon and star art, when these items can be reduced to the simplest of shapes which is ideal for child artists.

Cute Moon and Stars Painting Cute Moon and Stars Painting (image provided by RawPixel)

Fun Line Drawing of Cat for Kids

This delightful line drawing of a cat shows what can be achieved with just a few lines, and a creative imagination. The artist deliberately creates an anatomy which is not accurate in order to create a cartoon-like atmosphere which many of us find more charming, particularly when used with popular animals such as cats. It is likely that the artists would have taken this approach and applied it to other animals too, most likely choosing others that we keep as pets, as we can more easily connect with art based around them. Just two whiskers are added either side of the cat's face and its open eyes such a friendly and simple character with which we can feel welcomed.

Fun Line Drawing of Cat for Kids Fun Line Drawing of Cat for Kids (image provided by RawPixel)

Cute Smiling Cat with Long Tail

This image shows an alternative option in drawing a cat, and the method of leaning its head to one side gives a charming impression of the animal being deep in thought. This may have been created digitally, as the lines are all precisely of the same width which provides a consistent look that would suit using on merchandise. Most of the work for this piece is done with the artist's imagination and natural style, as they use relatively few lines and color to actually create the forms in this piece. Notice the clarity of this modern-styled piece, which could be easily adapted for use in children's books, film or television with relatively few amendments needed.

Cute Smiling Cat with Long Tail Cute Smiling Cat with Long Tail (image provided by RawPixel)

Waving Beaver with Bushy Tail

A wonderful choice for north Americans could be the beaver, which is native to this region. They are often used in tv and film, and depicted as fun animals with a playful character. Their large bushy tails help to identify them within art, as many of the characteristics are similar to a number of other animals. This charming sketch features a beaver appearing to wave at us, whilst stood front on. This allows us to apply a human-like personality to him, which builds a stronger connection than if it was a realstic drawing of a beaver in the wild, who would likely run off were we to appear.

Waving Beaver with Bushy Tail Waving Beaver with Bushy Tail (image provided by RawPixel)

Flying Bird Cartoon Image

This flying bird image accentuates the beak with color and an extended length, ensuring that it is the very first element that we see. The bird has its eyes shut, suggesting a relaxed manner, and a true comfort and experience with travelling through the air. Clear lines are used to capture the form of the bird, with some rough sketching of light grey then used to fill its body with tone, suggesting at its feathers but without distracting from the main outline of the bird. This type of artwork could easily be re-purposed for cartoons, with elements being extracted and animated, such as its head and wings.

Flying Bird Cartoon Image Flying Bird Cartoon Image (image provided by RawPixel)

Cute Koala with Baby Climbing Tree

Koalas are also really cute, but only native to a few parts of the world. Their beauty has ensured, though, that all the world's population are aware of them. Here we find a common sight of a koala carrying a baby up a tree, whilst no doubt on the hunt for some food. Their cuteness has led to koalas regularly appearing within children's books and this has helped to spread knowledge of this creature far and wide. Their unique features include the shape of their ears and nose, and in this drawing their head size is increased in order to better suit the artistic look. The reality of these creatures is not quite as friendly as we might have expected, underlining how a creature can be perceived differently due to the work of artists over centuries.

Cute Koala with Baby Climbing Tree Cute Koala with Baby Climbing Tree (image provided by RawPixel)

Cute Children's Dinosaur Drawing

This charming dinosaur is again adapted for the audience, and no efforts are made to accurately depict any particular species of dinosaur. This is likely to be loosely based on a T-Rex, as suggested by the short length of its arms, but this approach is more about cartoon fun than anatomical accuracy.

Cute Children's Dinosaur Drawing Cute Children's Dinosaur Drawing (image provided by RawPixel)

Pink Alpaca Cute Cartoon Drawing

A seemingly random choice would be a pink alpaca, though these animals have proven highly popular in recent years. Their personality is often guessed through art, but the reality is often somewhat different. Their popularity has led to non-native regions breeding this animal in recent years, perhaps encouraged by their cute appearance. Alpacas remain a popular choice for artists and their aesthetic beauty again lies behind the spread of interest in them going far beyond just the regions in which they appear natively.

Pink Alpaca Cute Cartoon Drawing Pink Alpaca Cute Cartoon Drawing (image provided by RawPixel)

Bright Star Sketch

Simplicity at its best, a star drawing produced using overlapping shapes and color. This design could be re-used for almost anything, including a more complex moon and stars drawing. Sometimes it is better to keep things simple, but by alterating each outline of the star, the artist creates a sense of fun and movement. The tones of yellow and black also work beautifully together, as also found in the popular use of bees within children's art. Small lines added around the star also add to the feeling of movement, just as we might draw lines around facial expressions, helping to accentuate a particular feature.

Bright Star Sketch Bright Star Sketch (image provided by RawPixel)

Cute Dinosaur in Green and Blue

Dinosaurs are incredibly popular with children, despite their frightening appearance. Artists will heavily tweak their features, adding human characteristics in order to make them more palatable to children. You will regularly find dinosaur drawings included in film, television and book illustration and images such as these can be easily incorporated into all manner of different merchandise, creating a highly adaptable set of branded products. Most dinosaur art tends to focus on four or five types of dinosaur, each of which have particular characteristics, such as being tall, long, or being able to fly, in order to create a level of uniqueness to them within the overall history of dinosaurs.

Cute Dinosaur in Green and Blue Cute Dinosaur in Green and Blue (image provided by RawPixel)

Cute Elephant Drawing with Flower held in his Trunk Cartoon

It doesn't get much cuter than this - a sweet elephant charging along with a flower held by its trunk, presumably off to deliver this gift to a loved one. This cartoon image may not be realistic in any way, but it is presented with the artistic license afforded to cute images aimed at children. This could easily be used for t-shirt designs, mugs, and other merchandise, all without really needing to amend this charming image whatsoever. The modern, minimalist design incorporates clear lines, with just a suggestion of gradients between colors to add a little transition. The pink and purples tones used also help to bring a bright, upbeat atmosphere to this enchanting artwork which can be considered perhaps the cutest drawing in this list of all.

Cute Elephant Drawing with Flower held in his Trunk Cartoon Cute Elephant Drawing with Flower held in his Trunk Cartoon (image provided by RawPixel)

Sweet Donkey Image

This cute little donkey looks out in need of help, with its eyes wide open. This is often how animals are made to look a little cuter, with wide eyes suggesting a baby-like quality which naturally creates a positive reaction in us all. The dark grey tones of the donkey also make the eyes all the more impactful, whilst touches of pink are used on its ears and tongue. This image illustrates the way in which donkeys can be used in cartoons and child-friendly media, but would not be useful for those who want to create more precise, anatomically-accurate depictions of these creatures. Donkeys also regularly appeared in historical art due to them featuring within the Bible.

Sweet Donkey Image Sweet Donkey Image (image provided by RawPixel)

Cute Cats Portrait, Detailed Drawing

We have included this charming artwork because of the way in which two cats are placed together, maximising the cuteness of this piece. They appear to be leaning on the back of a chair, with their eyes shut perhaps due to bright light falling upon them. Being of the same breed, they maybe related, and the detail incorporated into their patterned fur brings a highly lifelike quality to this particular cat drawing. When viewing drawings such as this, is it easy to see why cats and kittens are often found in the cutest of artworks, and why they remain just so popular all around the world. For this reason, we have featured a number of different cat artworks within this article alone.

Cute Cats Portrait, Detailed Drawing Cute Cats Portrait, Detailed Drawing (image provided by RawPixel)

Cute Sleeping Panda

Pandas are another animal which has been made to look charming and pretty through art, although i think this image is actually of a koala! Both animals have been made to look cute, with enlarged eyes and a friendly character suggested by amendments to the actual creature. This is a common route for cartoonists, and certain tricks are now understood and taught as a means to making images more palatable to the audience. There is nothing wrong with this approach, and artists do not have to be accurate, but there is a danger that some will not realise what animals are actually like unless they make use of other sources as they get older. Pandas and koalas remain amongst the cutest of animals, at least in terms of their artistic depictions and are regularly used in film, television and branding for this reason.

Cute Sleeping Panda Cute Sleeping Panda (image provided by RawPixel)

Santa on his Sleigh in Brightly Colored Cartoon Sketch

This charming depiction of santa can definitely be described as cute. His face is happy, with arms wide open, ready to deliver the presents which sit on the back of his sleigh. Christmas is mainly aimed at children these days, and producing charming cartoon-style art such as this is an essential way of speaking to that group. Bright tones of red are also used to create a positive artwork, and the artist sensibly re-used the same tones in the rest of the artowrk, creating a consistent look across this piece. The lines are also thick enough that this design could be re-sized without losing its quality and this feels a highly adaptable image for all manner of christmas products and brands.

Santa on his Sleigh in Brightly Colored Cartoon Sketch Santa on his Sleigh in Brightly Colored Cartoon Sketch (image provided by RawPixel)

Scary Haunted House Illustration

Perhaps an unusual choice, but even a haunted house can look pretty when designed in the right way. Notice in the artwork below how the architecture is angled in strange ways, in order to create this illusion of a building with spirit and emotion. Everything is kept simple, with black used for the architecture, and yellow for the carefully placed windows - this could easily be used as a halloween drawing, or perhaps instead within a book illustration for a really scary children's book. The haphazard nature of the architecture shows how deliberate innaccuracies can be used to change the mood of an artwork.

Scary Haunted House Illustration Scary Haunted House Illustration (image provided by RawPixel)

Deer Illustration in Multiple Colors

Deer Illustration in Multiple Colors Deer Illustration in Multiple Colors (image provided by RawPixel)

Rocket Man Astronaut Cute Drawing

Many children love space rockets and spaceships, and astronauts can also bring interest too. Here we find an astronaut in flight, perhaps making a short journey from one part of his ship to another. Space can really excite children from a young age, and so you will find many children's books with elements of our universe within them, such as with moons and stars, the sun, or perhaps human's activity within it. The space suit is created with simple curved lines on the limbs, finished with the specific helmet with its large, darkened visor. There is also the rectangle across the back which contains all the astronaut needs on his journey across space.

Rocket Man Astronaut Cute Drawing Rocket Man Astronaut Cute Drawing (image provided by RawPixel)

Really Sweet Bee Painting

Really Sweet Bee Painting Really Sweet Bee Painting (image provided by RawPixel)

House and Tree Cute Sketch

This charming drawing of a house captures a scene more akin to children's books and cartoons than reality. Kids will often draw houses very early on in their life, and perhaps add members of their family alongside. Here the child-like approach gives us just one window and one door, as well as a charming tree which overhangs to the side. Small touches of rocks and green foliage help to set the scene within this highly charming piece. Notice how the artist reduces their use of lines, and also keeps a relatively small palette. Examples of houses within art dates back centuries, and differ considerably from the work of architects who are tasked with providing accurate plants from which builders can work from. This underlines how art and reality can separate over time and evolve into two completely different categories, just as we have found in the depiction of certain animals within art, against their actual appearance in the wild.

House and Tree Cute Sketch House and Tree Cute Sketch (image provided by RawPixel)

Super Cute Snowman Line Drawing in Color

Another cute option can be a snowman. Children will relate to winter time, with the romantic image of snow falling in the countryside, and christmas on its way. Here we see an elaborate snowman, perhaps put together by a few children, with elements used to produce different parts of its face, arms and an imaginary row of buttons down the centre of the torso. Such images will also bring back fond memories for adults, when life was simple and we had time to play out in the garden or in a local park, working creatively together to form the best snowman that we could. The artist adds considerable character to the snowman by adding the slightly worn hat which continues its connection to humanity, but also leaves us feeling a little protective of this lonely snowman with his worn out hat. His smile is added with simple small stones, giving a positive image to the overall artwork.

Super Cute Snowman Line Drawing in Color Super Cute Snowman Line Drawing in Color (image provided by RawPixel)