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Published on June 19, 2020 / Updated on October 14, 2023
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Charity with four children is an art that was done in the year 1627 to 1628 by an Italian called Gian Lorenzo Bernini.

The portrait shows a woman, who is given the name Charity and has four children. Charity is breastfeeding one of the children and the other three are around her. Gian Lorenzo did his work using clay soil as his medium this enabled him to put a sign on the art using his thumb. The theme on the sculpture shown by the woman is generosity. This sculpture is kept in a museum in Vatican City.

Charity with Four Children is showing how the woman is generous. She is feeding a child who is big. The child is getting milk from the left breast while she is looking at another child who is on the other side. The child on the right side is slanting on a turned torch and if one looks closely the child is crying. The other two children on the left side are on the ground but they are hugging and kissing.

After some years a part of the sculpture was removed this was a heavy black coat that was on the surface of the art. Paints that showed sliding water and markings that looked like leaves, painted in gold at the edge of the woman attire remained. The model was made with clay this enabled the artist to bring the reality of what he intended to portray. The art work was exceptionally extraordinary it made people to conduct studies on Charity with Four Children sculpture that was in one of the tomb in Saint Peter’s Basilica.

The work that Gian Lorenzo did on the Sculpture of Charity with Four Children shows how he loved Guido Reni work. It is shown by how he presented the sculpture, garments being blown by the wind and the children arts delicate.

Charity with Four Children is among the first sculptures made by Gian Lorenzo and still exists to date. The model brings the subject of charity that was started in Saint Peter’s Basilica in tomb in 1627. The model was done in different styles. It has rough prints and fine ones; after clay was used to make the portrait it was furnished and supported. When one looks keenly at Charity she has streak that can be seen on her back and left arm. The woman can be seen with neat hair flexible flesh and a face that is easy to read.

In the sculpture it is seen that Lorenzo used skills that were early used by Guido Reni this is shown by him giving a date of study from his mentor. There is more information given in an outline that is in Albertina. It talks about the first sculpture at the tomb other content about the sculpture of Charity with Four Children in a castle project called Windsor. The sculpture by Gian Lorenzo Bernini is made in a way that depicts reality. Charity with Four Children is one of the earliest sculpture of Lorenzo and is well known because its subject Charity.