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Tom Gurney BSc (Hons) is an art history expert with over 20 years experience
Published on June 19, 2020 / Updated on October 14, 2023
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Gian Lorenzo Bernini is the man behind the sculpture of two Angels in Sant’Agostino, a piece that showcases his talent, skills and unmatched experienced all engrained in one individual.

He was an Italian artist like no other and he was known for his great artworks especially from the numerous sculptures he made during his time. He was known to produce brilliant artworks with significant amount of details making him one of the best artists of his time. Gian Lorenzo was only one of the few people who could easily come up with great artwork without any struggles and you could easily recognize his work from the amazing finishes all through.

As much as you could see the finest details being the major highlights of this sculpture. It is said that the master Gian Lorenzo Bernini only came up with the design. The sculpting was executed by one of his best student Giuliano Finelli. This shows that Lorenzo was a great tutor too because Giuliano was able to come up with a fine finish of this amazing artwork.

Having been developed in 1626 to 1628, it is right to say that the technique that was used to come up with this sculpture is Escultra de Mármore, this was one of the most widely used techniques during those times. The whole sculpture was curved from a Mable which is described as ‘Marbre, mida natural’.

If you take a quick glance at the sculpture, the first thing that will hit you is how bold and unique it is. The design is amazing and so is the execution. A rare form of artistry is incorporated to come up with this great sculpture. The edges are well done with great attention to achieve a high form of symmetry. The angels looking down at the sculpture is total creativity and the thought of including them on either side of the sculpture shows how skilled Gian Lorenzo Bernini was when it comes to delivering great designs.

Below the sculpture, you can see a man’s face being displayed effortlessly with wings on either side of the face. There is an amazing form of distinct finish with some of the best inclusions to make the statue a great piece that it already is. You can see the gold paint being used to make the sculpture even more attractive. Gian Lorenzo Bernini and his student seem to have owned the whole concept from the designing phase to the execution phase to come up with such a masterpiece.

Being known for his great work and artistry throughout his existence, it is not a surprise that Lorenzo was able to deliver such an amazing piece of art. It is among one of his best artworks and its flawless details show his level of expertise when it comes to developing an iconic structure that clearly doesn’t show any form of struggle but the ease with which he brought about the art. The sculpture of two angels in Sant’Agostino by Gian Lorenzo Bernini is in the possession of the Basilica de Santo Agostino in Rome. There are no available documents showing its original location or who commissioned it.