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Tom Gurney BSc (Hons) is an art history expert with over 20 years experience
Published on June 19, 2020 / Updated on October 14, 2023
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It has been almost half a millennium since Giuseppe Arcimboldo painted the famous Fruit Basket painting. Many generations of surrealists, past and present, have been inspired by this painting.

Additionally, if one walks in Kitschy European food brands, they will come across paintings from this great artist. In different nations and cities such as Paris, an amusement park, natives appreciate his works by taking great interest in them. Even though his artworks existed before any of the current generations was born, people embrace them in current modernity. That is why there have been debates and questions regarding how seriously people should take artwork by a man whose painting legacy lies on ‘’fruit faces?’’

Contents of the Painting

The artist has had unique paintings that, till today, no artist has been able to match. Unlike most painters in the world today, how paintings not only focused on satisfying the perception of a subject, but they majorly represented different objects and creatures as well. When he first started with these particulars, no one took them seriously and he even had doubts if he’d ever succeeded with them. However, all these changed when he noticed that these paintings, which were referred to as fancies or capriccios, were becoming quite popular than any other of his paintings. Later on, he painted the famous Fruit Basket, an optical illusion. When one looks at the painting normally, it represents still life. However, if one inverts it, they will notice an image of fruits, vegetables and other different objects.

Theme of the Artwork and its Current Location

It is common for children and beginners in artworks; to use Arcimboldo’s paintings as a great way to start this journey. The best to explain his artworks is representational. They represent so much in one by organising different objects and marks to create an entire meaning of a painting. In His painting the fruit basket, he uses brush strokes to come up with building blocks that come in fruits and flowers. It goes deeper to bring out satire which is contradictory. Most people suggest that his paintings represent surrealism which is quite the opposite of what they look like.

Some artists have tried to come up with an understanding of what this particular painting represents. They conclude that the painting is a predecessor to abstract art. The artist uses realism in each image of this particular painting to bring out contradictory themes to its audience. For years now, almost everyone has forgotten his artworks, but currently, the artist is relishing in renaissance as his works are displayed in famous European museums. The current location of the painting is in the United States of America, New York, French & Company.