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Tom Gurney BSc (Hons) is an art history expert with over 20 years experience
Published on June 19, 2020 / Updated on October 14, 2023
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Popular Japanese paintings by artists like Hokusai include poppies. These are popular artworks made using handmade techniques on print material. Japanese art has different themes including ancient prints of landscape, flowers, the ocean and scenic views.

The exclusive paintings of the common flower reveal a deep history of the plant, which is common in oriental gardens. This print is great for home wall décor and office decorations. Japanese art is colorful and it shows images of the oriental natural environment. The color of the brilliant flowers is as vivid, as it should appear. Hokusai is also popular for prints showing the great ocean wave, Japanese mountains, and landscapes. His art prints inspire the clothing industry as well as the artistic wall hangings.

The Unique Design of Hokusai's Poppies

Hokusai's high-quality prints are a mix of different famous Japanese artists. The painters developed their art pieces focusing on every detail. The prints have a vibrancy that almost brings the images to life. This quality also featured in the background of the print, material, and frame. Hokusai’s best wall paintings blend creativity and materials for exclusivity. The plants have unique prints made from:

  • Bamboo frames
  • Paper prints
  • Woodblocks
  • Ink prints

Reasons for the Flower Print

The famous oriental flower prints by Hokusai represent museum art pieces enriched with Japanese culture since the 1830s. Among these is an art design on the brilliant poppy plant, which dates back 3000 years ago. It comes with a variety of colors including white, orange, red and yellow. Grown outdoors and indoors, the plant needs special care. Its Japanese poster versions differ in quality and sizes. Art lovers across the globe appreciate the quality of its prints. These make great gift items for special events and holidays. The woodblock prints covered in bamboo are a unique gift for anyone who appreciates talent and nature. Traditional oriental art compliments all kinds of interior décor themes. Rich in meaning, the flower prints are symbolic. Covered in Japanese myths they mean:

  • rest or death
  • a vibrant mind
  • success
  • beauty
  • luxury
  • resurrection, eternal life

Kotushika's famous paintings are popular all over the world. Anyone looking through the collection will find poppies, among the beautiful landscape prints.