Religious artists have found numerous was of enthusing as with their nice and beautiful pieces of work. One such scenario is the An Augustinian Nun (Saint Monica) by Piero della Francesca. The painting that was done in the 15th century in Sansepolcro, Italy - October 12, 1492. By a mathematician who had specialized in geometry, Piero della Francesca. According to sources the current owner of the painting is known to be the Frick collection who purchased it in the year 1950.

The painting shows that the artist is as good as a storyteller since it is highly detailed. Though it’s a painting with only one character, the artist gives us all the details concerning Saint Monica. From the face of the saint which covers every little detail of the saint to the body of the character, to what Saint Monica is holding the artist is able to describe everything concerning the nun. If we were to compare the painting with the Monalisa, then this would be the religious version of the Mona lisa. The painting is about a nun holding a scribe would leave you agape and staring at it for hours minus saying a thing. You would look at the painting continuously trying to formulate your thesis concerning it but with no success. The painting has numerous hidden meanings that will leave only the best artist able to understand it.

The nun in the painting looks unhappy. We don’t know why she is, but if we can formulate what it is might be concerning the scribe she is holding in her hand; then we could be headed in the right direction. Scribes have been used in numerous places in the bible. This is because the bible itself was written on a scribe. From the scribe that she is holding many can formulate that it is part of the bible. This is because being as a nun they are frequently in contact with a bible. On the hand, her sad face would suggest that it is so since many have rejected what she had to say; thereby imposing the face.