The recent reprint of A Corpus of Rembrandt Paintings VI has provided us with the best source of information for the content within this website, though many other online sources were also referred to. One of the most important roles that this book played is in determining which paintings can be confidently attributed to the great master and which cannot.

We would strongly suggest to any Rembrandt followers that they try to get their hands one of these publications. Our choice was a particularly reasonable £75/$100 and comes in two books which are held together by an attractive cardboard outer cover. One of these publications contains plates of each painting, with the other going into further detail on the research completed over the past 50 years.

Other versions of their publications are available online but can cost several thounsands pounds or dollars, making them out of reach for all but the most obsessive Rembrandt fan. Our choice is far more reasonably priced and is sized similar to some of our other large art books, fitting well on ou shelves.

The book features large, accurate reproductions of his work and the book featuring plates of his work can make an exceptional coffee table book, where as the other offers us more of an insight into the history behind each artwork.