In the painting Christ appears to his disciples when they are having supper. The artist captures the moment when the disciples recognise the risen Christ. When Christ disappears immediately, the disciples’ plates are still empty and food untouched. One of disciples has his eyes fixed on Christ while the other holds his chest in disbelief. Christ with the disciples at Emmaus today resides at The British Museum London, UK. Other paintings similar to Christ with the disciples at Emmaus but from different artists include Supper at Emmaus by Caravaggio, created in the year 1601 and currently residing at The National Gallery, London.

Albrecht Durer has a series known as The Small Passion. The series has a frontispiece and 36 woodcuts. The set can be found today in the British Museum London. Christ with the disciples at Emmaus is the 32nd out of 36th in the series. Mr Durer’s Small passion series was produced as a set of works on the life and passion of Christ and Biblical themes. It was completed in the year 1511. The paintings in the series include: Christ with the disciples at Emmaus, Christ mocked, Fall of man, Adam and eve etc. Albrecht Durer made trips to Italy in 1495 and 1505, where he uncovered works of vast artists such as Mantegna, Lorenzo di Credi and, Antonio Pollaiuolo. He also once wrote that Giovanni Bellini was the better artist. It is possible Giovanni was his inspiration.

Durer left a great legacy and quite a big mark in printmaking. Albrecht Durer’s skill to gai notoriety across Europe inspired famous artists like Raphael, Titian, and Parmigianio, whose dream was to send their work overseas. Resulting from Albrecht Durer's travels to Italy, his influence extended to the southern European country. His work was imitated by the Italian new generation of engravers like Robetta, Agostino Veneziano, Marcantonio Raimondi. The artist's ability to draw things as raw as they were including living things inspired other artists in the society to paint things in their real form.