His aim was for the Passion to be the only subject within the prints. However, after completion, he chose to add six more prints that began with Adam and Eve. Doing so changes his emphasis from the Passion to the woes of making and the salvation through Jesus Christ. Jesus is the central figure in Christ’s Entry into Jerusalem. He is the focus of attention through His ride to the gate of the city. He is surrounded by the crowd who plays a subordinate role as a supporting cast. An old man is placing a cloak before Christ as He is approaching the gate while another is holding a palm frond. In Christian art, the frond was associated with martyrs and their triumph over death, symbolizing victory in Ancient Rome. Because the fronds of the palm tree are always green, it symbolizes the promise of immortality. Halos in Christian art suggest the radiant light around heavenly beings and saints’ heads.

All halos have not been depicted in a common circular nature. At times, God the Father has a triangular halo to symbolize the trinity. At times, a square halo is used on a living person to indicate that they aren't one of the saints. Christ is the only one with a circular halo to symbolize His death on the cross. In Christ's Entry into Jerusalem, Durer surrounds Christ's head with intense light with the rays extending beyond the glow. Durer created most of his prints with letters "A" and "D" stylized. In Christ’s Entry into Jerusalem, the "D" is reversed to read correctly when the art is pulled from the print.

Albrecht Durer grew up with apparent skills. Upon noting this, his father took him to his workshop to provide further training. Durer apprenticed with a master engraver in his youth and later opted to travel to other European countries. In the mid-1490s, Durer visited Italy and later returned nine years later to immerse himself in creative work. His creative work has been unique due to his passion in what he does. While in Italy, Durer the intellectual ideas that led to the Renaissance and art. He was a reputable metal and woodcuts engravings painter who had unrivalled quality. His reputation spread through Europe as a Northern Renaissance artist.