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Published on June 19, 2020 / Updated on October 14, 2023
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Joachim and Anna were a couple. They had been married for over fifty years and had not been blessed with a child. However, they did not despair, and they continued hoping for a child. True to their faith, they got word that soon a child will be born to them.

The meeting of Joachim and Anna at the Golden Gate is a painting in Albrecht Durer's The Life of the Virgin paint series. It is a rather calming picture with a relaxed theme and exemplary craftsmanship. This painting is on display at the National Gallery of Denmark in Copenhagen. It is displayed there for members of the public to view. Lovers of Albrecht’s art should pay a visit to this museum and experience art at its climax. Surely, it does not get better than this. A visit to this museum will turn anyone to an art lover. Here, the mood set by the painting is relaxed and calm. In the picture, you can see Joachim and Anna tightly tucked in each other’s arms. Embrace sends out a clear message. That of a long wait has finally ground to a halt.

In the background, you can see a small crowd looking at the couple as they hug. Perhaps expressing their disbelief in the good news that had come to Joachim and Anna. The year of creation for this masterpiece is dated 1504. Additionally, he drew this painting in his home, Nuremberg. This is also the time and place he painted most of his other paintings in the series 'life of the virgin'. That series mainly focuses on the life and times of Virgin Mary, mother of Jesus. It depicts the major events that went on around her. Durer made this wonderful piece of art from woodcut. This technique was popular back then, and it still is in some parts of the world. After all this while, most of his paintings are still intact because woodcut actually lasts long. In comparison to other paintings that were done back then, not many are still present for the current generation to appreciate.

This particular painting seeks to bring hope. Joachim and Anna had no child, but they eventually got their prayers answered. Any painter who draws inspiration from Durer can relay the same message and help someone get through a situation. Albrecht was a master in his craft. During the creation of the painting series the life of the virgin, he drew 19 woodcuts. He painted them in a decade, 1500-1510. Some of the paintings in this series include: Joachim Driven from the temple, The angel appears to Joachim and Birth of the virgin. This series includes scenes from various parts of the Bible. However, they are scenes that revolve around Mary. It takes a special person to inspire people and effect change to the world while doing it. Albrecht was special, and he did not break a sweat doing it.