Whilst not having the skills to put it together, he was still able to create designs for a variety of household items, always carrying a particular level of style and elegance. The completed items would be seen in prestigious locations across Europe, sometimes given away as gifts for the purposes of arranging new relationships or strengthening existing ones.

Certain elements to this design appear to have been from fantasy, so perhaps this was never intended to be put into a real item of silverware. Some of the hanging items seem unworkable within a usable piece of kitchenware and the detail on the base of the piece seems excessively detailed for something meant to sit in the middle of a table. Other designs by him were however intended for production and seemed more realistic in their creative flourishes.

Although detailed, this design is fairly rough with many elements which should be aligned straight more being on a slight lean. The sense of perspective also seems slightly off around the upper part of the piece, suggesting it was created at speed and perhaps with little intention of anyone else ever seeing it.