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Published on June 19, 2020 / Updated on October 14, 2023
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St George on Horseback is one of the earliest artworks by Albrecht. The image was created in 1505 and is available to date. The painting by Albrecht shows that he was quite informed about Christianity and had so much faith in it. St George was an early Christian martyr who is famous for killing a dragon. The painting is based on a tale of Cristian morality and gallantry. The princess was sacrificed to help satiate an evil dragon.

The noble St George, dressed in full armor, came to her rescue. When he managed to kill the dragon, his reward was the conversion of everyone in the village into Christianity. In Albrecht’s painting, you can see that there is a dead dragon below the horse, and St George is sitting on the horse’s back. He is holding a flag, which is believed to be a symbol of brevity and victory. Albrecht Durer was born in Germany in 1471 and spent most of his life drawing and painting. Though he spent many years in school, he really had a passion for drawing, something that he is remembered with to date.

If you check, you will find that Albrecht did not leave enough information about his life. However, we know that his father was not happy with this passion for painting; he wanted him to become a goldsmith and make money. Most of his work was based on Christianity and culture. Albrecht created St George on Horseback to show his audience that he had a clear understanding of Christianity. Fortunately, most creations done by Albrecht are still available, and you can view them if you like. If you are in New York, you can view this Christian art at Met Museum. You can also get your copy on Amazon at a friendly price.

St George on Horseback by Albrecht Durer has been there for many centuries and is still relevant in modern life. To Christians, the portrait can be used to educate and inform the masses about the ancient culture and what gave birth to the religion we have today. St George on Horseback by Albrecht Durer is not a huge portrait. But it does contain enough information to indicate how great St George felt when he killed the dragon and the fact that the entire village would be converted to Christianity.