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Published on June 19, 2020 / Updated on October 14, 2023
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The Small Passion were pieces of art that Durer worked on between 1508 and 1511. Small Passion featured thirty-six woodcuts, including the title page image (Man of Sorrows). The Small Passion was printed on four woodcut sheets and had eleven and a half-folio sheets.

It was collected and published as a book and featured woodcuts that narrated the history of human beings illustrating from the fall in Eden's garden and ended with the final judgment by Christ. According to Albrecht Durer's diary, he sold sixteen pieces of the Small Passion to a book dealer known as Sebald Fischer, with each costing six stuivers. He also notes in his diary that six stuivers are the cost that he incurred for the shoes. This is a revelation of how cheap shoes were at the time. Small Passion was one of Durer's most famous works, and it continued to be printed during the seventeenth century on the original wood blocks. About thirty-four of the original woodworks of the Small Passion are housed in the British Museum.

Artists and woodcuts related to the work of Albrecht Durer

The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse - This was the third woodcut art that was part of Durer's terrific Apocalypse series. It contains fifteen scenes contained in the Book of Revelations. The woodcut represents all the Apocalyptic Riders present in the Old Testament, which include Death, Famine, War, and Plague on horses and staring at helpless people. Unlike in the Bible, where colors distinguish the riders, Durer uses the description of their weapons to distinguish them. This is because the artists had black and white colors only.

Self-Portrait featuring Fur-Trimmed Robe - This is a self-portrait of Durer depicting himself as Jesus Christ. Although it would have been considered blasphemous by many believers, it is a revelation of his talent and gifts bestowed on him by God. The art is presented upon a clear background while the artist directly faces its viewer. Durer's curly hair gently falls on his shoulders.

Young Hare - The artwork features a carefully painted hare in a three-quarter view with folded hind legs. The hare is one of the commonest nature animals. The artwork by Durer carefully illustrates the tension that is represented by the subject and its depiction. Hares are known to be restless and can escape when approached by the artist, captures it when in stillness.