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Published on June 19, 2020 / Updated on October 14, 2023
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Albrecht Durer had a delicate sense of colours and art techniques inspired by his tour across Europe. View of Nuremberg is one painting that depicted his distinctive signature style in his work. The way he expressed his fine artwork on paintings, wood and portraits gave him prominence.

He got invitations later as far as Venice and commission by the prominent Paumgartner family. However, this particular painting done in 1497 gave a picture of Nuremberg castle as seen from the North. He used watercolours and gouache to express this famous View of Nuremberg painting. Albrecht Durer's first Italian trip had a strong impact on his artwork. His paintings after this time were some of the best aesthetic and beautiful creations. Each painting he did depicted the landscape sceneries that had echoes of Italian art. View of Nuremberg came out with a clear detail of colour harmonization. Besides, he cleverly used cool and sombre colours to depict the atmosphere and depth.

View of Nuremberg is one of his first creations after coming from Italy. He used perfect illustrative compositional values. He went for bold yet broad strokes to paint to give a touch to the rough sketches. This particular painting distinctively made his work unique. It gave his perspective of the castle and the world that he could link with. Durer's depiction of this painting shows a free spirit creator with a secular and allegorical touch. This painting is part of his tempera-paintings and on close examination, viewers get to see what he wanted. Since he lived in Nuremberg, he defines the scenery and the castles with good colour play. This painting gives a deep view of the Nuremberg mood. He gave the painting a panoramic view that showed the landscape scenery.

Durer used soft, blended and bold brush strokes to define the life and Nuremberg outlook. He carefully extracted the nature part of Nuremberg and painted it. The watercolours use mark him as one of the first European landscape artists who had a deep touch of turning ugly to beautiful. The trip to Italy gave Albert Durer a big push and his paintings had indirect Italian touché. Florentine Antonio Pollaiuolo influenced him the most with his masterwork in his energetic lines study of human motion. Later, Durer adapts his kind of style in creating another painting called Hercules. Moreover, artistes such as Andrea Mantegna and Giovanni Bellini from Venice had a part in Durer’s exceptional style. Durer was a man of his own genius. View of Nuremberg being among his first paintings places him as one of the best watercolour painters who could amazingly depict landscape sceneries.