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Published on June 19, 2020 / Updated on January 8, 2024
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One of the best ways of quickly understanding the impact made by any artist is to browse the opinions of academics, which in Canaletto's case are spread across the many centuries since his career took hold.

Any quotes of his own that we can uncover will also be found here too.

Famous Quotes by Canaletto

None available at present.

Quotes about Canaletto by Art Historians and Fellow Artists

As to Canaleto, his craft is painting views of Venice; in this genre, he exceeds by far all that came before. His manner is bright, gay, alive, clear and marvelously detailed.

Charles de Brosses

Canaletto was a sophisticated and prolific Italian painter known primarily for his vivid topographies of Venice, Rome, and London. Much more than a formulaic guildsman, there is a unique quality to his work which can be attributed to the fact that he was able to seamlessly blend real and imagined words to beguiling effect. His 'tourist" paintings, which were much sought after by the traveling upper-classes, were meticulously prepared, with his chief concern being for compositional harmony rather than dogmatic geographic accuracy.

Canal taught, by example the true use of the camera obscura; and to recognize the flaws usually brought to bear on a painting, when the craftsman relies completely on the perspective he views through that same camera, and on the colors - especially of the skies - without deftly removing that which could offend the senses.

Anton Maria Zanetti the Younger

Giovanni Antonio Canal... commonly known as Canaletto, was an Italian painter of city views or vedute, of Venice, Rome, and London. He also painted imaginary views (referred to as capricci), although the demarcation in his works between the real and the imaginary is never quite clearcut. He was further an important printmaker using the etching technique. In the period from 1746 to 1756 he worked in England where he painted many views of London and other sites including Warwick Castle and Alnwick Castle He was highly successful in England, thanks to the British merchant and connoisseur Joseph "Consul" Smith, whose large collection of Canaletto's works was sold to King George III in 1762.


He paints with such accuracy and cunning that the eye is deceived and truly believes it is the real thing it sees, not a painting.

G.P. Guarienti

Venetian and so distinctive a painter of views that few amongst past artists, and none amongst the favorites, come close to him in intelligence, taste and truth.

Anton Maria Zanetti the Younger