In Venice, the Feast day of Saint Roch is commemorated on 16th August. People come together to celebrate the end of the terrible plague that happened in 1569. The artist brings out the richly dressed foreign ambassadors and state dignitaries emerging from the church. Moreover, a mass of people has gathered around the church to watch the procession. The doge himself is well presented with a golden ceremonial robe and a cap. The painting brings out the view of the Scuola Grande di San Rocco as well as the Church of Saint Roch in Venice.

The painting giving the expression that the viewer is part of the Feast of Saint Roche. Canaletto uses energetic brushwork well as thick paints to describe the hair and the clothes. The artist uses a canvas awning, which is above the group to provide shade. Moreover, the horizontal line brings out the undulating rhythm to the lower composition to show the movement of the procession. Canaletto uses highlights for the checks and foreheads to show the sunlight capture. Canaletto planned to instill a clear view of the event in people's minds by including all necessary details. He uses thick paint and brushwork for the color to be spectacular; Canaletto has combined different pigments such as the brown ochre, charcoal black and Naples Yellow to express different representations.

Canaletto painted the Feast of Saint Roch in 1735 when it was bought by the ambassador who had attended the procession. However, he has depicted other ceremonies in Venice, including the Regatta on the Grand Canal. Moreover, Canaletto has also represented the Basin of San Marco on Ascension Day, which is very intriguing. The artist was inspired by the prominent Roman Vedutista known as Giovanni Paolo Pannini, Balletto and Sebastiano Ricci, who displayed their painting talents during such occasions. The Feast of the Saint Roch painting keeps a history of the celebration fresh in the mind of the people of Venice. These painting designs are of high quality; it will be passed on to many generations. Canaletto helps people appreciate different legends in society.