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Tom Gurney BSc (Hons) is an art history expert with over 20 years experience
Published on June 19, 2020 / Updated on October 14, 2023
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Childe Hassam's paintings are a perfect balance between the qualities of the French Impressionists, but with content that is unique to the United States. The artist therefore remains a popular choice for art print reproductions.

The artist would put together a number of classic artworks, but was also highly prolific, leaving behind several thousands of artworks by the end of his lifetime. Some of his most famous paintings which are also regularly reproduced as prints are the likes of The Avenue in the Rain, Celia Thaxter's Garden, Isles of Shoals, Maine and Allies Day, May 1917. His oeuvre is best known for scenes of nature and city life, and sometimes Hassam would combine the two together. He travelled regularly in search of new ideas, both artistically but also technically. French life would play the biggest role in shaping his work but as his career developed he would explore domestic locations in search of new content. He adored the US and found an endless supply of inspiration from one state to the next. His flag series would underline this patriotism and a generally upbeat manner which was common in the country at the time.

The style of the Impressionists is today one of the most popular choices for art prints. The American Impressionists offer something unique which will attract many, combining the elegance of this European-born style with content from all across the native country. Hassam adored both regions and went as far as painting flags within some of his cityscape paintings. His was a proud American and saw a positive in how city life was becoming more and more busy - he considered this a sign of economic and cultural success and his depictions of it communicate this same positive outlook. He would then contrast these items with a tranquil view of the countryside, with calm waters and green planes that remind us of the natural beauty also to be found here. There is, therefore, plenty to suit every taste somewhere within his extensive oeuvre which would then be used within lithographs in order to increase his own income.

Those interested in buying Childe Hassam art prints should take the time to browse different retailers, with his work on display in quite a large number of different online stores. His popularity and the period in which he worked ensures a steady stream of interest within his work and many of the public also arrive at his work via other Impressionist artists. He is also featured prominently within a number of major art galleries and these regularly offer art prints too. Purchasing from those locations will also help them to continue to offer free entry which is an important method to making art as democratic and inclusive as possible. US-based purchasers will normally be advised to choose from sellers based in the country in order to avoid any potential issues that can arise around import duties or heavy costs on international delivery. Word of mouth with friends, family and neighbours can be a good way to find a respected seller online for those unsure as to who to choose for their print.

Hassam tended to use fairly conventional dimensions for his paintings and these can be reproduced fairly accurately at a size that can fit modern homes. His work is also relatively contemporary, or close enough, to fit today's interiors, where as one consider Renaissance art which would not really fit in quite the same way. His bright colours and reduced detail, with blurred, loose brushstrokes can work well from a distance because of how it was only intended to create an impression of a view. This helps to explain why Impressionist art continues to be amongst the most popular style for art prints within the US and Europe. Hassam is certainly considered amongst the most important American Impressionists, but his reputation is only really known within his native US, Canada and to a certain degree within Europe as well. His inclusion in some major galleries helps to keep his name very much in our minds and the connection that he had with the public appears to still be just as strong today.

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