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Tom Gurney BSc (Hons) is an art history expert with over 20 years experience
Published on June 19, 2020 / Updated on October 14, 2023
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The scene picks up a total of eight raiders deeply engrossed in a savage fight with two lions.

The hunters are mercilessly attacking the lions, who in turn show fearlessness and tenacity.

The lion in focus (at the front) has got one of the attackers in his paws and is turning to roar at the other attacker behind him to probably scare him off. The one in the background (safe to assume it's the former's companion) is on the back of a horse and is pinning the knocked down horse to the ground.

Behind the latter is another raider with a spear aimed at it. And in the far back ground is the last hunter who seems to be giving orders to the men, and is clearly portrayed as the commander of the lot.

Away from all this brutality is a beautiful seashore that stretches to a stormy horizon.

The inspiration behind this art is basically a scene that, say took place in 1832 when Delacroix visited Morocco with the French embassy. The first thing one sees when they look at the painting is the confident strokes of colour used.

Taking one last look at theme selected for this particular painting, it is dim, sombre and has an air of greyness around it. Perhaps it is Delacroix's attitude towards nature and it is clear his compulsion towards nature is radical.

This was one of the best works of Delacroix in the 19th century (1861). We can safely say that Delacroix was attached to this precise painting. He chose the theme of Lion Hunt after careful consideration and he was sure that it was appropriate. The art itself is a showstopper, breath-taking I might add.

In the painting, one can feel a slight impact of an almost similar painting by Peter Paul Rubens, also called Lion Hunt.

But the image of the lions is somehow so life-like one can kind of visualise him/herself amidst the scenario. What actually captures the interest of most people, is to be specific the lion that turns back roaring at its vicious attacker. It's truly remarkable.