This oil painting was designed to honor and acknowledge John Turner for his business prowess and contribution to society. Read on to discover more details on the artwork, from the medium and material, the date it was crafted, its dimension measurements, current location, and the specific themes highlighted in the work of art.

Details on the painting

This artwork is in the form of a portrait painting with oil and canvas as the medium and material, respectively. The art style used is regionalism. It was crafted in 1929 and was 76.8 by 62.8cm (30.24 by 25.5 inches) in dimension. The current location of the painting is at Cedar Rapids Museum of Art, together with his other paintings.

Themes and symbolic meanings

Grant Wood’s patron was John Turner Jr, John B Turner’s son. Wood crafted this painting of his patron’s father and used symbolism to bring out the true meaning of the painting. Wood tried to show the theme of progress and prosperity, with different parts of the painting having different meanings. The map behind John is the early Cedar Rapids land, which he moved to during the 1880s. He helped change and modernize the simple town into an active one.

The white shirt, three-piece black suit, and tie show that he was a successful businessman, serious with what he does. Although John seems old in the painting, the glance through the spectacles he wears depicts his serious nature. John B Turner, Pioneer artwork showed that John was also an explorer who always carried a vision of change because he took part in the growth of Cedar Rapids. In general, Wood tried to communicate that John B Turner was key to the prosperity of the midwest during his time living there.

Final thoughts

Honoring important people in art with special prints like paintings ensures they remain relevant to modern society. Oil paintings like this piece made by Grant Wood hold much information like a book that can be passed from one generation to the next. For sure, as John B Turner’s story continues to fade away, the painting will always remind its viewers of his life and contributions.