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Tom Gurney BSc (Hons) is an art history expert with over 20 years experience
Published on June 19, 2020 / Updated on October 14, 2023
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Few American artists have captured life in this country as well as Grant Wood. His focus was on rural communities and he helped his countrymen to regain their love for these underserved sections of society.


What better way to enjoy your favourite artist than by adding a reproduction art print of their work to your home? Well, Americans choose to do this regularly and they will often choose artists from their own nation. The wide tastes of art followers is reflected in the variety available to them from the various online retailers. Many artists will have hundreds of different art prints available, covering the full breadth of their careers, and customers will often find new artworks that they were entirely unaware of whilst browsing through the various options. In terms of Grant Wood himself, his career has not been as documented or imaged as well as many others, and for many years most were only aware of his highlight artwork. Over time this is likely to change as his career becomes more precisely collated and efforts have already started to move in that direction as a means to remembering this important American painter.

Selecting a Print Retailer

There are many sellers out there who can provide reproductions of paintings by Grant Wood. With his career having finished more than eighty years ago, it has been possible for more companies to offer some of his work. Clearly, American Gothic would be a common request, but over time that have managed to expand their selections to include other items from his oeuvre. It is advisable to compare different companies, and perhaps to ask friends and family or read online reviews in order to pick the right one. It is best to choose one based in your location, to avoid any potentially surprise charges that you might not have expected. There is also a big difference between ordering framed or unframed prints, in terms of shipping costs and so that is another factor to bear in mind. Some are happier to get rolled prints delivered to their home, before then sourcing frames of a suitable size somewhere locally, when they get a chance. Those based in the US and most European nations will have a large number of online companies to pick from.

Choosing your Art Print

When you have chosen a company to go with for your art print, there are then a number of other choices to make. Will the print be framed, and if so with which frame? You may also then add a small card which can sit between the artwork and the inside of the frame which can make the overall finish look a little more professional. There is also the consideration of where the piece is going to hang when it arrives, and from that you can decide on the right size and medium. Besides standard art prints, many sellers also have canvas art prints and other formats, such as printed fabrics or even wallpaper. In terms of the style of Grant Wood, a standard format print with a small frame and inlay card would probably be the most suitable. His landscape scenes are particularly popular and these perfectly capture life in the US from the early 20th century. There is also a big focus on the iconic American Gothic whose fame transcends even the art world and is a recognisable item of modern culture, all around the world.

Most Popular Grant Wood Prints

Grant Wood produced several hundred artworks during his career, but which can be considered the most popular? Clearly, American Gothic dawrfs the rest of his oeuvre, with its iconic status, but there are also others which feature regularly. Many of these are landscape scenes, with his supporters appreciating the way in which he captured the lives or ordinary folk around rural areas and small towns. These types of prints are also very accessible, something we can all enjoy without any prior knowledge of the artist himself or even, necessarily, the location of the work itself. There are then a number of portraits which use groups of local people in charming reproductions and these also attract some with regards ordering art prints. Wood's career has not been covered extensively as other American artists, and so there might be some titles below that you were not aware of.