Such names come up because these are some of the greatest paint artists who ever lived. That said, there is a name that some people, especially art enthusiasts, must have heard of a couple of times. The name is "Grant Wood."

Grant wood is famous for painting some of the greatest paintings in the world. Some of his paintings have been sold for millions of dollars while replicas of his work continue to sell to this day courtesy of artists who draw inspiration from his ideas. Although the “American Gothic” is considered his magnum opus, the iconic artist has very many visually appealing paintings. Some of Corn by Grant Wood is one of the paintings that has aroused the interest of art enthusiasts from all corners of the world.

Some of Corn by Grant Wood is one of the paintings from the 1930s that is considered modern art. Mr Wood embraced regionalism and social realism styles when working on his paintings. While other artists of his time were having a whale of a time embracing popularity and riding on the wave of success, Mr Wood was busy coming up with unique ideas that made his paintings stand out. His ambition, quest, and tireless efforts of trying to be unique made him turn ordinary things we see every day into masterpieces.

When we talk about the Mona Lisa, the Starry Night, the Last Supper, the Night Watch, the Kiss, and Las Meninas, we cannot afford to leave out Some of Corn by Grant Wood. The simple yet sophisticated painting gives us an idea of what agriculture was like in the 1930s in the Midwest and America in general. The state-of-the-art painting gives us a glimpse of the farming culture a hundred years post the Agrarian Revolution.

Also known as the Corn Room, Some of Corn by Grant Wood was an oil painting painted on canvas. It was commissioned by Eugene Eppley, a local businessman, for one of his hotels in Council Bluffs. The landscape painting embracing the regionalism style of painting gives viewers a picture of an extensive corn farm a few weeks before the harvest season. Like the American Gothic, Some of Corn by Grant Wood hints at the artist’s efforts of rejecting abstract aesthetics which were considered normal at the time by most artists.

Mr Wood’s work, especially as seen in Some of Corn, focused on capturing the strangeness, poignancy, and humour of the day-to-day lives of average Americans. In other words, Some of Corn by Grant Wood was painted to act as the voice of normal American farmers who earned an honest living through toiling on their farms. Not only does the painting represent the sweat and tears of American farmers, but it also portrays the fruits of hard work. It shows that hard work inspires confidence and hope for the future. For these reasons, it’s without a shred of doubt that Some of Corn by Grant Wood will forever go down as one of the greatest paintings in history.