Jean-François Millet was a French painter and was among the initiators of the Barbizon institute in rustic France. Millet is well-known for his watercolors of crofter agronomists which were branded as section of the Realism art movement. As he was growing old in artwork, he developed interested in landscaping pure scenes. He is acknowledged best for his oil portraits, his oil pastel, conte crayon depictions, as well as engravings. Millet artwork mission began the moment he was sent to Cherbourg to train with a portrayal painter entitled Bon Du Mouchel. While he was learning through Langlois de Chèvreville in Cherbourg, a remuneration offered by Langlois besides others empowered him to relocate to Paris. While in Paris, Millet turn out to be a student at the École des Beaux-Arts. The scholarship did not last for long. Millet mission to become a successful painter began when his first image, a portrait, was acknowledged in the year 1840. Millet had to return to Cherbourg to inaugurate a profession as a portrait watercolorist. While he was in Paris in mid 1840s, Millet befriended the following artist; Narcisse Diaz, Jacque, besides Théodore Rousseau who were associated with the Barbizon institute. Honoré Daumier with his total draftsmanship, influenced Millet's following execution of peasant themes. Another person who supported Millet artwork was Sensier who offered him resources and money in return for depictions and canvases. Among highly rank artwork produced by Millet, the Potato Planters has been cherished by many. Some of his artworks which has also engrossed consideration by many include; the Goose Girl, The Abduction of the Sabine Women, the Angelus and many more. This amazing artwork can be found in the Walters Art Museum, Baltimore so feel free to visit. Millet did not kept the artistic ideas for himself but he inspired Vincent van Gogh, predominantly during his early period. His latest sceneries also become a powerful points of locus to Claude Monet's portraits and his operational besides symbolic content also swayed Georges Seurat. Millet applied oil painting as the only technique to produce amazing portrait. And do you know what oil painting entails? It involves the use of tinctures with an intermediate of drying oil. The intermediate commonly applied by artists include; linseed oil medium, poppy seed oil, walnut oil besides safflower oil. These intermediates imparts a series of features to the oil shade therefore, opt for the high quality ones. A sculptor can use more than a few dissimilar oils in the same landscape reliant on precise pigments and special effects preferred.