The painting of the arts is quite impressive. People decide to practice painting due to various specific reasons. Some paint for pleasure while in others painting is a profession and they earn a living from it. Artists paint arts with an intension of passing some vital message to the community.jean Francois millet was born in 1814 in Greville Hague is one among artists who used painting as a tool of communication to explain the condition of the laborers and peasant farmers in France. Millet is known for his oil paintings of landscapes, and he was among the first artists to portray peasant laborers, especially women who worked tirelessly on their farms. The woman with a rake located at saint Remy de province France is one of millet paints that made him famous due to its ability to explain the sufferings of the peasants and laborers .this article will explain more about this particular paint. Color Millet used a natural, bright, earthy, intense, dull, quiet, mixed contrasting and hot color to paint up this art To show to depict the suffering of the peasants in a volatile climate. Tone Millet uses constant, light, smooth, and contrasting tone to depict the biblical story of Rachael, who worked in a wheat plantation gleaning wheat for her low-income family. Texture The artist uses rough, scratched, hard, coarse, and pitted surface to show the grinding poverty of laborers evident in the back-breaking work of collecting grains and also from the simple garment. Mood In this particular paint, millet uses depressed, gloomy, miserable, unhappy, distressing, stimulating, thought-provoking, and dull moods. Lighting The light used to paint this art is natural, harsh, intense, gloomy, and intense to show the distinction between plenty and poverty in peasant families. Subject matter In this particular paint, millet uses an invented, figurative, and landscape .this paint is dominated by a peasant woman with a hidden face suggesting anonymity, thus representing all poor peasant families if France. Technique Jean millet uses a realism, expressionism, and surrealism style to paint this article as this was how he displayed the hardships of the peasants. Millet was influenced by Honore Daumier, who was a draftsman; he also got inspiration from Alfred Sensier, who was a government bureaucrat. Millet had other paints including, the gleaners, harvesters resting, and many other paintings. Jump to top