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Tom Gurney BSc (Hons) is an art history expert with over 20 years experience
Published on June 19, 2020 / Updated on October 14, 2023
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The charming Rococo styled used by Jean-Honore Fragonard has made some of his paintings popular choices as art print reproductions. Here we discuss some of the factors to consider when ordering one yourself.

It is, undeniably, Fragonard's The Swing that continues to captivate thousands around the world, from all of the many great works that he produced over this prolific career. The traditional style of his work continues to attract some and push away others but the modern art scene allows us to appreciate different styles of artists, without having to necessarily disrespect what we don't like. Previously, one style would be very much in vogue, then later fall out of fashion completely and end up being savaged by fickle art critics. When selecting art prints, many of the younger generations will prefer abstract or graffiti from the 20th century, but there is stil plenty of room for those from previous centuries such as Fragonard himself, as well as Corot, Boucher and Chardin, for example.

Whilst many consider the Rococo style to be over-elaborate, whether in paintings or architecture, there are still plenty who appreciate its qualities. Of those, art print reproductions may be an ideal way of enjoying some of the highlights from that movement in their own home. Fragonard will certainly be amongst the most popular, but which artwork might you select from his career, with so many to choose from? We include some of his best below, but much will depend on your own personal tastes, with his career oeuvre including a variety of portraits and history paintings. His style is consistent throughout, and there maybe some works within his career that you may not have originally been aware, such was the large output that he created over the long length of his career.

The classical style used here invariably looks best with a small frame around the artwork in order to complete a professional look, almost as if you were in a gallery looking up at the original painting. Online stores will provide a selection of different frame types, where the material used, style and sizes are all customisable. Whilst these will impact shipping costs, the end result will be far better and your product should also last longer. Perhaps view our paintings section to get some more ideas about which artwork to go for, we also link through to some of these stores as this website does not sell any prints itself. We have produced a series of websites, each one devoted to the history of individual artists and aim only to provide information about their achievements.

Young, attractive women are found in many of this artist's paintings and these are entirely the sort of theme that prove popular today. Many like to see these symbols of innocence and purity within their homes, particularly at a time when the world is struggling with so many real world issues. This would also explain why prints by John William Waterhouse and other members of the Pre-Raphaelites have also been so popular within both the UK and also the United States, the latter continuing to hold a strong interest in European art more generally. The settings in which Fragonard placed these figures was also carefully done and continues the charming nature of his work. These techniques were honed over many years, with a consistent study of the human body and a number of sketches completed before each major painting in order to ensure the most precise depictions in his portraits.

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