This piece of unique artwork is created with a childlike feeling and is a creation of shapes and forms made to look like two siblings. His creative lines and shapes connect the two siblings in an embrace.

He uses unique yellow colors with natural, earth colors to enhance the painting. An expressive and exclusive technique has been used on this piece of art making it one of his most popular pieces shown to the public.

Although Paul Klee uses an abstract basis for all of his paintings this piece is unique in the effect he is trying to portray and is truly a one of a kind, original piece that will hold a proud place on any wall in any room. His theme of children, siblings, family and the bond between blood relations is portrayed in a colorful, revolutionary way.

Klee's artistic techniques include painting on everyday materials such as cardboard, burlap and muslin. He is famous for breaking 'traditional' rules and used many trying techniques. He liked to experiment in unusual ways and sprayed, dabbed and stamped paint rather than using a brush.

Some believe that he inspired the surrealism revolution in artwork which came to life in the 20th century. Through his abstract view, he created the painting, Brother and Sister.