Paul Klee is an artist that has created many stunning pieces of visual art using many different methods. One of the methods he used was painting. The artist's paintings vary from abstract art to very intricate designs. You will find influences from many of the modern masters, including Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dali and Franz Marc. Paul Klee has a huge range of paintings, often containing a variety of contrasting colours. His paintings are considered to be very prominent in the rise of modern art. He was one of the key artists that helped shape the 20th century art movements. Paul Klee continued to bring out innovative paintings that inspired many others in his career. His work is often talked about when discussions of cubism, surrealism and expressionism are made.

Paul Klee paid a lot of attention to colours when he made his paintings. The colours often blend in, whilst being very different colours. For example, in his painting Cat and Bird the colours used on the face of the cat varied from yellow to dark red and orange. His work is often very eerie and has dark tones. Paul Klee's paintings vary in style. Some of his paintings are very basic such as Cat and Bird and Senecio, where the paintings are just a close up of a single object or life form. Some of his work is also very detailed and has a lot of things going on in the painting such as Twittering Machine and Fish Magic. Paul Klee's paintings are usually very 'still' in the sense that time has frozen in the paintings. A lot of his work is very hypnotising and pull you in, whereas some of his other work are just simple paintings that look nice.

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