His unique painting named the 'Southern Gardens' was created in 1919. He always prided himself on using everyday materials such as burlap, paper and cardboard. Klee created this beautiful piece of art using one of his many technique of dabbing, spotting and blotting.

Klee's own methods were contemporary and disapproved of by the more traditionally minded.

His use of earthy, bold and bright colors really make this piece stand out next to the others in his collection. His style brings an exotic landscape to life and creates a creation that one will simply delve into to and get lost.

As far as abstract and surreal pieces of art goes, Southern Paintings has an eccentric and romantic atmosphere to it. Line by line, dot by dot, dash by dash Klee has formed a landscape oil painting which has gone down in art history and will be famous for centuries to come.

Paul Klee is renowned for his unique techniques and his expression of abstract art created through a form of overstated techniques and methods.

Klee created a proud collection of abstract paintings which portray cultures and colors through a childlike form. He was inspired from his travels mainly to Tunisia and used his abstract mind to form simple yet stunning paintings which blend cultures together.

One of his most popular paintings yet and one which has been reproduced in all forms all around the world is Southern Gardens.