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Published on June 19, 2020 / Updated on October 14, 2023
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Paul Klee was an exceptionally productive artist, contributing many thousands of drawings and paintings by the end of his career. We have selected 300 of the best and ordered alphabetically, with A-G listed below.

You will discover a whole plethora of different abstract shapes and colours throughout this page, as well as many different techniques of forming different objects. His work is very hard to summarise down to even 300 artworks, but there is also an impressive catalogue raisonne which includes all known Paul Klee paintings, in nine thick volumes. Few artists have been blessed with such an impressive publication which must surely have been a colossal undertaking, considering the productivity of Paul Klee.

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Above Mountain Summit Paul Klee
Above Mountain Summit
Abstract Trio Paul Klee
Abstract Trio
Adventurer Ship Paul Klee
Adventurer Ship
After a Sketch from Zurich Paul Klee
After a Sketch from Zurich
After Drawing Paul Klee
After Drawing
All Souls' Picture Paul Klee
All Souls' Picture
Angel Applicant Paul Klee
Angel Applicant
Angel Serves the Desired Paul Klee
Angel Serves the Desired
Animal Terror Paul Klee
Animal Terror
Archangel Paul Klee
Arrival of the Air Steamer Paul Klee
Arrival of the Air Steamer
Asiatic God Paul Klee
Asiatic God
Astrological Fantasy Portrait Paul Klee
Astrological Fantasy Portrait
At the Core Paul Klee
At the Core
Athlete's Head Paul Klee
Athlete's Head
Aufgehender Stern Paul Klee
Aufgehender Stern
Autumn Flower Paul Klee
Autumn Flower
Bad Band Paul Klee
Bad Band
Barbarian Sacrifice Paul Klee
Barbarian Sacrifice
Baroque Centaur Paul Klee
Baroque Centaur
Before the Festivity Paul Klee
Before the Festivity
Besessenes Madchen Paul Klee
Besessenes Madchen
Bird Garden Paul Klee
Bird Garden
Bird Wandering Off Paul Klee
Bird Wandering Off
Blue-Bird-Pumpkin Paul Klee
Botanical Theatre Paul Klee
Botanical Theatre
Boy in Fancy Dress Paul Klee
Boy in Fancy Dress
Broken Key Paul Klee
Broken Key
But the Red Roof Paul Klee
But the Red Roof
C - C = Fisch Paul Klee
C - C = Fisch
Cacti Paul Klee
Camel (in Rhythmic Landscape with Trees) Paul Klee
Camel (in Rhythmic Landscape with Trees)
Captive Pierrot Paul Klee
Captive Pierrot
Catastrophe in a Dream Paul Klee
Catastrophe in a Dream
Chalice of the Heart Paul Klee
Chalice of the Heart
Chosen Site Paul Klee
Chosen Site
Christmas Picture Paul Klee
Christmas Picture
City Core Paul Klee
City Core
City of Towers Paul Klee
City of Towers
Cityscape with Yellow Window Paul Klee
Cityscape with Yellow Window
Clarification Paul Klee
Cliffs by the Sea Paul Klee
Cliffs by the Sea
Coastal Town Decked with Flags Paul Klee
Coastal Town Decked with Flags
Collection of Figurines Paul Klee
Collection of Figurines
Colorful Architecture Paul Klee
Colorful Architecture
Comedians' Handbill Paul Klee
Comedians' Handbill
Comedy Paul Klee
Comic Opera Singer Paul Klee
Comic Opera Singer
Composition Paul Klee
Composition with Figures Paul Klee
Composition with Figures
Composition with Stars Paul Klee
Composition with Stars
Composition with the Yellow Half-Moon and the Y Paul Klee
Composition with the Yellow Half-Moon and the Y
Conch–Still Life II Paul Klee
Conch–Still Life II
Crosses and Pillars Paul Klee
Crosses and Pillars
Curtain Paul Klee
Dance of the Grieving Child Paul Klee
Dance of the Grieving Child
Das Licht und Etliches Paul Klee
Das Licht und Etliches
Death in the Garden (Legend) Paul Klee
Death in the Garden (Legend)
Demon as Pirate Paul Klee
Demon as Pirate
Diana Paul Klee
Diavolo Player Paul Klee
Diavolo Player
Die Kapelle Paul Klee
Die Kapelle
Die Vase Paul Klee
Die Vase
Doctor Paul Klee
Dredger and Sailboat Paul Klee
Dredger and Sailboat
Ebene Landschaft Paul Klee
Ebene Landschaft
Ein Tor Paul Klee
Ein Tor
Ein Weib fur Gotter Paul Klee
Ein Weib fur Gotter
Episode before an Arab Town Paul Klee
Episode before an Arab Town
Erinnerung an einen Gart Paul Klee
Erinnerung an einen Gart
Exotics Paul Klee
Falling Bird Paul Klee
Falling Bird
Fermata Paul Klee
Fire Clown Paul Klee
Fire Clown
Fleeing Ghost Paul Klee
Fleeing Ghost
Floating Paul Klee
Flower Family V Paul Klee
Flower Family V
From the Song of Songs - Version II Paul Klee
From the Song of Songs - Version II
Full Moon Paul Klee
Full Moon
Garden in St Germain, The European Quarter near Tunis Paul Klee
Garden in St Germain, The European Quarter near Tunis
Garden on Debris Paul Klee
Garden on Debris
Garden View Paul Klee
Garden View
Ghost Chamber with the Tall Door (New Version) Paul Klee
Ghost Chamber with the Tall Door (New Version)
Ghost of a Genius Paul Klee
Ghost of a Genius
Girl in Mourning Paul Klee
Girl in Mourning
Glance of a Landscape Paul Klee
Glance of a Landscape
Gluht Nach Paul Klee
Gluht Nach
Going next Door Paul Klee
Going next Door
Golden Fish Paul Klee
Golden Fish
Goldfish Wife Paul Klee
Goldfish Wife
Great Hall for Singers Paul Klee
Great Hall for Singers
Green Plant, Blood, Louse Paul Klee
Green Plant, Blood, Louse
Growth of Night Plants Paul Klee
Growth of Night Plants