Probably one of his most famous paintings is the Flock of Birds. This unique and ultimate piece of artwork has been created with symbols and colors bought from the unconscious mind.

An abstract yet realistic piece of art, it is what it say's it is, a flock of birds. Paul had a seemingly deep love for birds and most of his abstract and surreal paintings are based on birds.

He uses a rainbow pallet of pastel colors, the primary colors being blue, yellow and orange. This piece of art relaxes the eye and bends the mind with the symbols used and simple bird outlines.

Truly an amazing piece if any, Paul managed to create a piece of history that is simply stunning and stylish.

Along with this unique piece of art he has many other pieces of art which are also available to buy as prints or posters. Spice up your home with his detailed and daring abstract works which will bring life and color to any wall.

The Flock of Birds being a beautiful piece that will take a proud spot in your home or the work place.