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Tom Gurney BSc (Hons) is an art history expert with over 20 years experience
Published on June 19, 2020 / Updated on October 14, 2023
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Three Houses and a Bridge continues Klee's vibrant cityscapes

Three Houses and a Bridge is water colour and pencil Giclée produced and completed on paper. Paul Klee finished this masterpiece in 1922, once more proving his prowess as a thoughtful and ingenious painter.

Just like his other modern-abstract paintings, Klee manages to baffle the mind by blending objects and shapes to create meaning in his work.

As a signature approach, Three Houses and a Bridge painting unmistakably reflect the paintwork of a child. Children art is how Klee delivered simplicity in his paintings, later drawing the viewer more when each object and shape is carefully studied.

For this particular masterpiece, Klee uses blends of circles, triangles, rectangles and trapezoidal shapes to paint his story.

He uses dark and bright colours to deliver the much needed contrast to separate every detail in the painting. To the honest eye, it's easy to catch the three houses and their distinct positions. Locating the bridge is where the viewer has to take wild guesses.

By careful scrutiny of Three Houses and a Bridge artwork, it can be argued that the bridge is located at the bottom of the frame. It offers the foreground for the painting with the houses coming in the middle ground as the main objects.

A full circle at the top of the bridge may signify a human head staring below the bridge. Additional circles beside and behind the houses could depict further human activity.

In his glory days, Paul Klee was a prolific artist whose authentic creations were often inspired by music, nature, an imaginative mind and the darkness that haunts humanity. He has created more interesting pieces like Cat and Bird (1928), Senecio (1922), Fish Magic (1925), Death & Fire (1940) and Heroic Roses (1938).

Three Houses and a Bridge is just a glimpse into the awing mind of the Swiss painter Paul Klee. On the surface it is a mere painting of lines and shapes but with a deeper meaning when carefully studied. The painting, alongside all other works of Paul Klee, is readily sold online as prints.