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Tom Gurney BSc (Hons) is an art history expert with over 20 years experience
Published on June 19, 2020 / Updated on October 14, 2023
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Red and White Domes

Red and White Domes by Paul Klee is one of the paintings that demonstrate his mastery for use of abstraction, color, and the use of color planes to illustrate different aspects of landscape.

Abstraction and arithmetical lines and methods that the cubists were so well-known for is seen reflected in Red and White Domes. By looking at this artistic painting, you get the view of Paul Klee’s keen interest in abstract, prismatic colors, and the renewal of art, showcasing expressive freedom to advance the foundation and public attention in abstract art.

After the birth of his Son, Felix, Klee became interested in drawing childlike forms and things as a child would. Such paintings produce a glimpse of somewhere between realism and fancy. Paul Klee produced calculated compositions and spontaneous production of children, shaping his artistic move away from self-consciousness and reality towards the colorful and abstract realms of the subliminal and fancy.

Paul Klee infuses Red and White Domes with naivety and untutored quality, mixing in humor and originality. The artist’s works produce a colorful life story and composition. He built a legacy of being exploratory, memorable artist, and conspicuous figure of influence in modern art and culture.

Klee’s philosophy was art does not produce the visible, it makes it visible. This opened for him realms of new possibilities in mental art and the concept of color. Paul Klee’s abstract painting inspires today’s artists to be intelligent and spiritual artists. He was highly individual, colorful and insightful.

He focused on interpreting life beyond the normal look. When world war one started, Klee said he had contemplated of the war, signifying an individual and resourceful struggle that is seen in his art. This struggle could have been contributed by the changing times and rapid changing times of art in which he was trying to position himself, and to merge his musical talent with his artistry.

Paul Klee is today recognized as one of the most renowned and powerful figures in the progress of today’s art. His works and influential abstract art have surpassed his own time and are widely recognized and respected. You can find Paul Klee art paintings in online galleries and in art museums around the world.