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Tom Gurney BSc (Hons) is an art history expert with over 20 years experience
Published on June 19, 2020 / Updated on October 14, 2023
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The mysterious painting by masterful artist Johannes Vermeer was conceived in in the 1660s using common characteristics of the artist to achieve its welcoming approach.

The painting is well known for its architectural divine approach beautifully illuminating the interior of the space. The two prominent figures within the painting are positioned in the middle of the canvas rather than a vertical approach.

The artist was 27 at the conception of the painting and is referred to as Vermeer's fully matured works that showcase him finding his own style and aesthetic.

The painting, The Wine Glass, showcases as exquisite attention to detail that displays the textures, fabrics, and structure of each figure within the work. The concept around the artwork is to display the classic society at the time during the 17th century. Figure around a table are a common scene from the events at the time as the painting captures a woman drinking from a wine glass at a large wooden table.

The woman is dressed in a large coral red dress as she is seated against the table. The dress tightly fits across her upper body while covering her breasts and neck. The sleeves of the dress lightly flow out as they cover her arms.

The remainder of the woman's dress continues to floor towards the floor covering her legs. The artist uses an array of gold detail to accentuates the rich colour and accessorize the masterful dress.

Linear gold swirls cover the upper section of the work, as it then thickens towards the bottom of the piece. The woman's head is covered in a white cloak as almost all of the women within Vermeer's work are, including Diana and her Companions, Christ in the House of Mary and Martha, and Officer and Laughing Girl.

The scene within the artwork likely reflects a type of courtship, yet the exact relationship between the two remains unknown. The scene seems to showcase a woman finishing a glass of wine while the male figure remains impressed. The woman is gently seated against a chair away from the table due to her grand dress.

The man gently leans against the table in his dark attire seized by the woman drinking the wine. The man's hand cups a large jug of water as he prepares to pour the woman another drink.

The male archetype within the painting holds the classic theme of other male figures within the artist's work, in relation to his attire. The man wears a dark large hat covering a large portion of his face as he stares as the woman. The artist is more consumed with bringing attention towards the female figure rather than the dominant male.

We can see a similar technique used within the piece Officer and Girl Laughing, as the male figure is blended into the background of the painting.

Vermeer had worked to add architectural drama to the artwork by adding more elements throughout the artwork as seen through the mosaic window, oriental tablecloth, checker floor, and golden picture frame. These colours all merge together accentuating one another as the artist showcases his artistic maturity through the artwork.