The painting dates back to 1672 near the end of the artist's career as explores a different approach to his work. The soft painting illustrates as young girl playing the guitar as the new invention had just gained popularity.

The composition of the artwork is altered from the artist's usual paintings based in the middle. The girl is seated near the left side of the painting as she tilts her head and looks to her side. Her pale skin is blended with glimpse of a rosy colour, a different technique than the artist's other paintings.

The young girls hair is placed upwards with a few golden strands of hair flowing out the side of the girls face. The muse holds prominent Dutch features through curved eyebrows and a small pointed nose.

The girl's small lips squeeze the features of her face together, rounding out her face. The girl's attire is a common outfit seen throughout Vermeer's work as showcased through his paintings Mistress and Maid, A Lady Writing, and Woman with a Pearl Necklace. This classic dress paired with the matching jacket is a perfect set that showcases the fashion during the era of the wealthier class.

The bright two-piece also draws attention to the woman wearing it as it holds as focal point.

The girl seems to be wearing the signature yellow coat with a white fur trim without the matching dress that accompanies it. Instead, the muse wears a beige dress beneath.

It is believed the Vermeer often reused the same location, accessories and clothing within with paintings as all were actually based on real items he owned. The guitar within the artwork is a prime example of the artist reusing items as it is seen in his other work. Alongside, the pearl necklace around the girl's neck is a classic piece of jewellery located through the artist's work.

Vermeer had commonly remained the walls in a light beige colour as it added a quiet drama to the artwork without taking attention from the muse. We are able to see that the lightly coloured walls act as a backdrop for the model as she plays her guitar. Yet, the artist seizes a glimpse of the viewer's attention by painting another painting within Young Woman Playing Guitar.

The artwork within the rich gold frame illustrated a tree has been identified as an actual painting known as A Wooded Landscape. While the female archetype usually hold as the focal point of the artwork, by placing the girl to the side and showcasing a painting within, the artist seems to be drawing attention to the piece of art within the art.

The background of the painting remains to be coated in a calm array of colours accentuating the light yellow jacket. To the right of the girl, a pile of books is painted alongside a dark velvet green cloak.

It is interesting to note that the artist had altered his painting technique by depicting a window on the right side of the painting rather than the classic light source being illustrated on the right. Vermeer's slow transition through his art is highly notes as a transcending leap into a world of unknown artistry.