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Published on June 19, 2020 / Updated on October 14, 2023
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The Autumn Landscape with Four Trees is one of the few paintings that manifest Vincent Van Gogh's most profound skills. Compared to his earlier creations, this one showed a tremendous development of his skills and compassion.

The painting was done in 1884, and the theme is not strange, compared to what he had been creating since the start of his career. The Autumn Landscape with Four Trees is recognised as the fourth version of the drawing, and Vincent clearly wanted to provide a full motif of it.

Sources reveal that he spent three days creating the painting, and it did come out quite perfectly, maintaining the size of the previous versions of the same portrait.

The Color and Tone

Vincent has something for colours, and he does know how to merge them to come up with a breathtaking piece of art. Since he had been working on the colour and tone, he reported that when he was done with the Autumn Landscape with Four Trees, he wanted something that looked like the Potato Eaters, a painting he did before.

The Autumn Landscape with Four Trees was dedicated to Anton Kerssemakers, an amateur drawing at the time, and he ended up hanging it in his house. He said that he was not sure of his ability to make things that would match so perfectly, which is an indication that the painting did come out as he desired. He had commanded the colours so well that they brought about the effect he was looking for. However, he admitted that the painting, since he was still studying the colours, was not quite good for the market, but he was on the right track.

The Drawing Was Impressive

Kerssemakers, who as an amateur painter, was so impressed with the drawing so much, and he thought that it was perfect. He said that the peaceful combination of the colours was more than just perfect. The remarks touched Vincent Van Gogh's heart. However, instead of taking the piece to the market, he gifted it to the novice painter. Interestingly, Van did not see the painting the same way.


Once he was done working on The Autumn Landscape with Four Trees, Vincent Van Gogh was more than convinced that he could do great. But he had to use fewer paints to create perfect drawings that he could take to the market. Also, he learned that there were old, better masters that he could learn from.