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Published on June 19, 2020 / Updated on October 14, 2023
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Night Cafe by Vincent van Gogh famously features a bar scene with a pool table initially taking most of the focus of the viewer

Aside from the table are the over bearing lamps which give the great impression of light running right through this painting, despite it's indoor setting. This particular bar is not the same as the one featured in The Cafe Terrace on the Place du Forum above, but instead is the Café de la Gare, 30 Place Lamartine. Both paintings came within September 1888 and so it is not surprising that many mistakenly think they are of the exterior and interior of the same cafe. Van Gogh actually produced a watercolour version of this painting which remains within a private collection but it is certainly the Night Cafe oil painting which gets most exposure, simply because the brightness of the oils is very much more his typical style, and also the method that most of the art public mainstream prefer.

In order to complete the Night Cafe oil painting, the artist stayed up for three consecutive nights and would happily sleep during the day to make sure his priority was finished correctly. Night Cafe and Cafe Terrace at Night are the two popular names for the series of paintings produced by Vincent van Gogh of a stylish parisien bar that have become respected as some of his most skilled paintings and also are amongst the most reproduced paintings by any artist from any period. This website brings you the stylish paintings of Cafe Terrace at Night and introduces detail on the career of Van Gogh too.