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Published on June 19, 2020 / Updated on October 14, 2023
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Trees were popular choices in the paintings of Vincent van Gogh who used them regularly in a variety of different ways.

This website brings together the best paintings by Van Gogh that include trees within them and offer links to where you can buy your own art print reproductions of the original Van Gogh paintings. The best known Tree paintings by Van Gogh included Mulberry Tree, Woods and Undergrowth, Peach Tree in Bloom, Olive Grove, Wheatfield with Cypresses, Alyscamps and Road with Cypresses.

Besides the brightly coloured oil paintings which can be found throughout this website, the artist also included trees within many other art mediums in which he was involved, including pencil sketches, some of which went into his much-studied letters that went to the likes of his brother, Theo. All of the paintings listed below are available to buy as reproductions from the links provided, with offering high quality framed and unframed art prints, posters and stretched canvas of Van Gogh's major works.

Mulberry Tree was a popular tree within several different paintings by Van Gogh and this particular type is reasonably easy to find within several French provinces, helping us to locate where each work was created. The artist was known to appreciate the shape and colours associated with this particular tree and he found that these suited his own painting style very much. The contrasting colours between the Mulberry Tree and his own normal methods for backgrounds helped bring out the detail on the former and ensure it achieved the full focus of the viewer. The specific Mulberry Tree painting seen above features a very strong blue for the sky with little detail to soften it. The Mulberry tree itself features dreamy lines as was the artist's way, with different shades of oranges and browns to depict the tree itself, with a far more neutral set of creams to finish the area in and around the tree in a more neutral, calming tone.

Woods and Undergrowth bears a striking resemblance to Gustav Klimt's Beech Trees. Both feature long, narrow trees within a busy backdrop of the local woods in which they were in at the time. Woods and Undergrowth is currently one of the most popular reproductions from Van Gogh's career even though the original did not get much exposure compared to many of his other paintings. This is perhaps due to the general nature of the work which could easily have been made almost anywhere in the world. The trees within these woods could therefore feel familiar to many international Van Gogh followers.

The great qualities within Woods and Undergrowth are the detail of it that includes a huge number of leaves and foliage right across the painting. It is not entirely clear where exactly the focus of the painting is, and sometimes people find this approach unusual and interesting. The lack of focus can give the painting a more general look which makes it ideal as reproductions within a home where someone wants a painting which is not to overbearing. The use of light within this painting is also carefully and skillfully achieved by Van Gogh.

Peach Tree in Bloom is a beautiful and charmingly bright tree landscape painting by Vicent van Gogh which is immediately recognisable because of it's use of pinks and also how there is no similar painting within the artist's whole career. There is a greater clarity of detail within this painting as compared to many of his others and there is specifically large detail on the tips of the branches of the tree which is also where this Peach Tree in Bloom holds the most bright colours, making it an ideal topic for any post-impressionist painter.

Wheatfield with Cypresses is one of the most impressive works by Van Gogh and features an incredibly swirling sky scene for which the artist is well known. This approach is also seen in Starry Night as well. The Cyprusses seen within it are another type of tree that was of interest to Van Gogh and he loved the greens that they allowed him to bring into each painting that he included them within. Further down the page is another example of how Vincent liked to use Cyprusses within many of is French landscape paintings, entitled Road with Cyprusses.

Olive Grove is a bold painting which grabs your attention immediately with it's red tones that flood the ground beneath the pretty olives trees that are dotted about this grove in a classic scene from an artist who was a major fan of the European countryside, and in particular, in France. Olive trees were covered several times by Van Gogh throughout his career and he was known to specifically enjoy the shape of these particular trees. This painting is most memorable because of the way the red light morphs the painting.

Road with Cypresses followed on from Wheatfield with Cypresses and features the same topic of tree, only in this case with a different scenery around it. The incorporation of an elaborate and colorful skyline make this a popular painting plus the oranges and yellows of the nearby fields. In this example the Cyrusses are given the full focus of the painting and placed right in it's central area, with some focus additionally for the detailed sky behind it.

Alyscamps is a charming, lesser-known painting from the career of Vincent van Gogh which features a long pathway within a forest which is lined either side by beautiful, narrow trees that reach up skywards and cover each side of this painting with stylish shades of greens and oranges as the artist would commonly use in his paintings. There is a tranquil atmostphere to this painting with just a few people included, as they make their way casually through this attractive path route, probably enjoying the countryside themselves much as most viewers of this painting will.

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Irises paintings offer exceptional post-impressionist colour and this particular work features Irises within their natural surroundings rather than the other still lifes that he also produced. The painter appreciated the beauty and colour of many different types of flowers, and you can read about Irises in more detail here. Shoes and Boots were common in a series of paintings by Van Gogh as he aimed to make up for his lack of finance which meant that he could not afford models for figurative paintings which might have been his prefered option normally. The Shoes and Boots were used to depict the lives of manual workers and the poor within the society that he was very much a part of. You can find Shoes paintings here.