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Published on June 19, 2020 / Updated on October 14, 2023
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Van Gogh works are amongst the finest art works ever produced since the Middle Ages, right across all of the many art movements which have appeared since then.

Van Gogh works are generally classified within the post-impressionist art movement but his style and technical methods are particularly unique and, as such, it is not that helpful to classify him alongside other famous painters. The artist was a varied artist in terms of the topics that he chose to depict in his works, but main focal points included flowers, landscapes and portraits. The career can also be separated into his early work which was somewhat darker and his brighter years towards the end of life which produced most of the paintings for which Van Gogh is now best known for as the vibrancy of these works has become much more popular with the international art public.

Van Gogh works are covered throughout this website and we include 10 of his finest works of all along with good information on the painter himself plus the types of paintings that he generally produced. It is hard to summarise his career in just 10 paintings when he created so many over the short period that his career lasted, but we have done so here for your interest. Those interested in buying Van Gogh works should use the links on this website which will take you through to a large online gallery of Van Gogh works where many types of reproductions are for sale, including posters, framed giclee art prints and stretched canvases. The company offering this gallery of Van Gogh works is who we use regularly ourselves for several of our favourite artists and we have always received an excellent service, so are more than happy to recommend them to you.

Van Gogh Irises is certainly one of Van Gogh's most inspired paintings, and also another example of how he took advantage of flowers to harness his bold use of colour that was typical of the latter part of his career. The blues and aqua colours seen here really lift the irises painting into the top few of his career and it remains extremely popular today. Most artists have become easily summarised into just a handful of works which accurately captures their whole career but it certainly not the case for Van Gogh who painted so many high quality paintings which are each well worth checking out in full and there is a great depth to his career which is worth investigating before one can pretend to have really discovered and understood his whole life's work.

Van Gogh poppies are further choice selections of his flower range and the particular painting above includes poppies alongside other Van Gogh flowers. Here he uses poppies, daisies and several other flowers to help illuminate this painting to another bright number from his later years. Normally the artist would use still life flowers within his works, though occasionally would depict them in natural scenes, as seen in his Irises painting.

Vincent Van Gogh was originally from the Netherlands where he painted many of his early works before moving to France where he was to become inspired by the natural colours which existed within the landscape here and this helped to develop his work into a much more vivid and eye catching look. Without this development it is quite possible that Van Gogh's career may have been lost to the wider world as few drew attention to his earlier works when he started out as an artist. Van Gogh art works have attracted a very wide base of support from all across the world and from people of all walks of life. His bright style can attract children whilst other critically acclaimed paintings have now started to be appreciated by international art academics who initially were not taken by his stye which was exceptionally contemporary and took some time to be truly understood.

For those who want to see the original art works by Vincent Van Gogh, the best place to go is certainly the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam which holds a permanent collection which comfortably surpasses any other gallery or museum in the world, in terms of representation of this particular artist. With the interest in Van Gogh being huge there are regularly exhibitions of his work in other countries, with the most significant recent one being in London. Van Gogh Artworks remain amongst the most important artistic contributions to European art of the past 500 years and perhaps his success within academics has not lived up to the extraordinary interest in his paintings that has come from the general art public over the past century, with his colours being seen as charming and his techniques impressive.

The history of Dutch art is highly impressive but most significant artists from the Netherlands came along well before the career of Van Gogh whose best art works came around in the late 19th century. Members of the Dutch Golden Age, which was the most prolific period in Dutch art, included the likes of Vermeer and came in previous centuries to Van Gogh who helped re-establish them as a major force within European art having been then challenged by French artists such as the impressionists. Wheatfield with Cypresses Van Gogh covers a stylish tree that complemented the artist's work perfectly with blends of green that perfectly blended with his chosen blues and oranges that would cover the rest of these paintings when covering the French countryside.

This website aims to bring you a good selection of works that best summarises the career of Van Gogh, but you are well advised to check out the prints gallery which is linked to from this website as it has a much broader range of his paintings and details hundreds in total which should meet the requirements of most of his demanding fans who want to see as many of his paintings as possible. Van Gogh Cafe Terrace is a scene from a French Cafe which has now become known as Van Gogh cafe thanks to the popularity of this painting. Another scene entitled Night Cafe was also completed in a bar close by, but not in the same location as some have assumed. Cafe Terrace is the shortened name of the original and is in perhaps the top ten of reproduced Van Gogh paintings over the past 10 years with no sign of his popularity waining, nor the success of Cafe Terrace.

Van Gogh chair comes from the bedroom of Van Gogh in the Yellow House that he lived with Paul Gauguin for a little while before they parted company after the former's behaviour started to become worryingly more and more extreme as Vincent's mental illness took hold. Van Gogh Bedroom is a key work of the artist which covers his bedroom in the famous Yellow House of Arles where he stayed for a short period with fellow artist Paul Gauguin. The bedroom famously features his chair which got it's own depiction by itself in another famous painting. The style of Van Gogh was to recreate his bedroom in a non-realistic manner that looks almost cartoon-like, and certainly very charming.

Van Gogh Sunflowers is a series of paintings which have become some of the artist's very best known works and famously some of them were chosen by Paul Gauguin who added them into his growing collection of significant artists of that era. The Sunflowers were added to the walls around the Yellow House in Arles where these two friends lived for a short period. Van Gogh Olive Trees are another common selection within the artist's painting and this form of tree perfectly suited his style within the many landscape paintings which littered the works in his later years. Van gogh trees are exciting topics to study because of the variety of trees which he covered within his career, including Almond Blossom, Cypresses and Olives Trees, as here.

List of Famous Van Gogh Works

Please see below for a summarised list of the most popular Van Gogh paintings which are searched for online, right across the world.

  • Starry Night
  • The Potato Eaters
  • Almond Branches in Blossom
  • Church at Auvers
  • Cyprusses with Wheatfields
  • Sunflowers