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Published on June 19, 2020 / Updated on October 14, 2023
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Van Gogh's flowers are featured in many of the artist's best works and he was known to be a particular fan of many different flowers in both natural landscape plus prepared still life settings.

This website covers all of his best paintings which feature flowers and also looks into detail at the overall career of the hugely popular Dutch post-impressionist painter. There were several types of flowers which were commonly used by Van Gogh in his works, and his favourites certainly included poppies, irises and daisies. He would choose those which best suited his own style and typically that would involve the bright colours that could complement other areas of his paintings. Poppies naturally boasted beautiful reds which sat brilliantly against his normal greens and blues, whilst irises contributed stylish purples. You can find Van Gogh Irises here.

Van Gogh flowers included above are Almond branches in Blossom which is now amongst his most popular paintings of all thanks to it's bright blues, attractive blossoming flowers and also the stylish blue tones used by Van Gogh to decorate the background of the work. The flowers in the Almond branches in Blossom painting above have an undeniably Japanese style about them which is currently extremely popular with European and North American art fans.

All choices for his paintings were made entirely on the basis of colour for Van Gogh who would depict his selected objects as a full array of bright colour having develop his style substantially from the early days when he was much darker and negative in output. It was his later works with bright depictions of the French countryside which is now so much more popular amongst the general art public who simply want to add some inspiration and natural beauty to their homes, in the case of reproductions.

Van Gogh Irises seen above captures beautifully the tones of blue that add great interest to this particular work and there seems no real need for the artist to add much else besides, with these sitting comfortably as the main focal point. The remaining colours are simply served up as a way to complement the Irises and ensure that all the attention is delivered straight to them. Another key flower to Van Gogh were sunflowers which he is probably most commonly linked with today thanks to a hugely famous series of still life depictions which can now be found in major art galleries around the world, such as the National Gallery in London. The brightness of these flowers made them an obvious choice for his work and the abundance of them in areas that he was living at the time make it no surprise that he decided to use sunflowers regularly in his career.

Van Gogh Sunflowers were used in many different scenes but typically pre-planned still life works where he could arrange them perfectly and not rely on natural influences to create the look that he was after. Most common were vases containing up to 20 sunflowers and he created many series of these, with fellow artist Paul Gauguin known to have taken some of these himself to add to his growing collection. Van Gogh poppies above are combined with daisies plus a small collection of some other French flowers to offer an exciting array of colour which is carefully tidied into a simply clay vase that helps to ensure the flowers retain the interest of any on-looker. It is certainly the poppies whose brightness takes centre stage but the white daisies offer an inciteful contrast to them.

This website underlines how most flowers used by Van Gogh were within planned indoor settings, but the painting below shows how he would also take on more natural challenges and used them as a way of including further detail on top of them as well. The pretty garden below in Arles offers an abundance of opportunity to any impressionist or post-impressionist artist with swathes of colour bursting from every location. Arles Garden Van Gogh features many different rows of carefully gardened groups of flowers which together offers a busy finish that will keep the painting's viewer intrigued for a considerable length of time. It is hard to be sure of each and every type of flower used in this garden, but the likelihood going on their location in Arles, is that poppies and daisies would have been used again as in so many of Van Gogh's other flower based paintings.

List of Famous Van Gogh Paintings

Please see below for a summarised list of the most popular Van Gogh paintings which are searched for online, right across the world.

  • Flowers
  • Still Life flowers in glass
  • Sunflowers
  • Poppies and Daises in Vase
  • Garden in Bloom, Arles
  • Almond Branches in Blossom

Vincent Van Gogh produced many different flower paintings and those included here are just a guide. Many of his fans choose to buy reproductions of his original paintings as framed or unframed art prints, posters and stretched canvases and find that these add some exceptional tones of bright colour to their office or home wall once the finished reproduction is added.