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Published on June 19, 2020 / Updated on October 14, 2023
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Van Gogh still life paintings are popular sources of study for art fans and academics alike with many using them as a guide to improving their own painting techniques.

Others simply enjoy the style used by Van Gogh in stamping his own original approach onto a common art topic. In most cases, Van Gogh still lifes were of flowers in vases and glasses, and we include a selection of some of the best in this website alongside further information on the artist himself. The Van Gogh works featured in this website include poppies, daisies and other flowers within vases and glasses. Van Gogh would normally choose fairly subtle objects to hold his flowers so that they would not take too much attention away from the bright flowers which he always felt should be the main focus point of the painting, and everything else should merely serve as a background or supportive element to them.

Van Gogh Still Life paintings have become extremely popular in recent years as art fans have begun to look deeper and deeper into the back catalogue of amazing post-impressionist art that was produced by Dutchman Van Gogh. Still life itself is much loved and when combined with this artist's own innovation it is unsurprising that so many choose to buy reproductions of these originals as art prints, posters and stretched canvases. The still life below captures a much gentler scene with a danty transparent glass chosen to help support the similarly fragile blooming branch in a soft painting which contrasts nicely to the others featured in this website. The glass offers another challenge to the artist who is forced to carefully consider it's effect on the light and surrounding objetcts. It is interesting Van Gogh's techniques to accomplish this reflective glass and contained flowers.

Still Life with Glass Van Gogh repeats his love for small tree branches when accompanied by pretty blooming flowers at their tips which is seen in several other of his works and this approach also suits his good selections of colour and personal post-impressionist approach which does not concentrate on too much detail but more emotional feeling and colour. Artist Van Gogh is known to have considered Irises as one of his favoured flowers but rarely ever included them within pre-planned still life works. Instead, Irises are seen only really in natural scenes where he would take advantage of the French scenery around him which often had them in great abundance. He perhaps found them too large to consider for his still life scenes where smaller, more manageable flowers may have been used instead.

The Vase still life painting by Van Gogh is another charming example of the work of the artist on this topic and features a different choice of flower to his usual, as well as including a more interesting vase in this case which features two contrasting shades of blue. The pinks of the flower heads sit beautifully against the light green background which is painted in Van Gogh's normal busy cross brush technique. Absinthe still life was another famous work from Van Gogh who regularly drank this drink himself and was known to have suffered issues from it himself. However, all still life paintings included within this website are entirely concentrated on his great love for flowers and underline the beauty which can be found in the French landscape, as all flowers used by him in his later still lifes were taken from his time in France.

Flower prints are particularly popular with modern day art fans who love to order reproductions of them as art prints, posters and more. The most common come from artists like Van Gogh, Claude Monet and several others, with Paul Cezanne probably still classed as the most well known still life artist as he produced a lot on this topic whilst Monet and Van Gogh less so. Absinthe still life can be found in the gallery of which is linked to from this website in many places. They offer a large selection of Van Gogh paintings as reproductions in the forms of framed and unframed art prints, posters and stretched canvases. There are hundreds of his original works meaning you are sure to find exactly the paintings that you are looking for.

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