Albert Aurier reviewed his painting before he moved, and that made him a recognized painter due to his mesmerizing artwork that was highly praised by Albert, whose influence in art was known.

Vincent moving was arranged by Theo, who has supervision for him while working to provide fantastic art after his boredom in an asylum. His painting in Auvers was about the social domain. The painting is composed of houses that have thatched roofs, which form a fantastic color.

Formerly, Vincent uses to make peasant paintings that he restrained from when he moved to Auvers. His painting in Auvers was about social domains in dwellings. He painted middle-class villas, cottages, and feudal domains. In his artwork, Vincent would include gardens and street, and the details made the paintings unique.

Van Gogh became productive from May to July in 1890. The village of Auvers captivated him on arrival due to the different dwelling available. Houses in Auvers was a painting of the different homes found in Auvers.

The house at Auvers painting by Vincent was captivating due to his specification of street scenes. The depiction allowed one to see the precise location of the painted house. He included the thatched roof of the house and used contrast and texture to bring out the garden's feature. The house still exists even though it is renovated.

Vincent van Gogh put a lot of work on the painting as reviewed by several art experts. Houses at Auvers has remained a captivating painting over the years due to uniqueness and precision.

Thatched cottages appeared to be the primary domain for Vincent's view. He included thatched cottages as the central theme in four paintings while making houses of Auvers. Van Gogh included some exaggeration in his painting as part of brings creativity. Van Ger Veen and Knapp commented on the painting and pointed out that Gogh's literal depictions were his interpretation of nature.

He wrote letters to Theo explaining every detail in the painting Houses of Auvers. It is believed all the paintings made by Gogh were sold to Theo as part of the contract they had. Theo was supporting Van as he worked on his painting, resulting in the agreement.