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Published on June 19, 2020 / Updated on October 14, 2023
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Skull with Burning Cigarette is a well known painting by Vincent Van Gogh who was a respected Dutch post-impressionist artist who went onto become one of the most loved painters of all time.

This website covers his Skull with Burning Cigarette painting in full as well as looking into detail on the career of the artist himself who has always attracted great interest and controversy thanks to his troubled life. Students in particular have grown great fondness for this particular painting from Van Gogh because of the fashionable nature of smoking plus the use of a skull which has some loose links to Rock music and scenes such as Grunge and similar. The appearance of the painting is clear and simple, making it ideal as a poster for those whose budgets match. Serious art followers are more likely to be interested in other Van Gogh paintings like Wheatfield with Crows or The Church at Auvers.

Vincent van Gogh was a crucial artist in the development of modern art towards all the contemporary movements which we enjoy today and his impact cannot be underestimated during a prolific period towards the end of the end 19th century where all kinds of new ideas and techniques were floating around the art world, with European artists continuing to lead the world with innovation and quality.

Skull with Burning Cigarette is another example of how not all Van Gogh paintings were the bright coloured scenes that most people now remember him for. Instead it is dark and moody, in a similar way to the masterpiece Potato Eaters which followed an approach to what he used here though with very different subjects. This darker side links well to his own personality which tended to be much more negative than his normal painting style would have suggested.

With many young van Gogh followers enjoying posters of the original Skull with Burning Cigarette painting, there are also others that prefer fine art print or stretched canvas reproductions instead. All of these reproduction types are offered from the links included throughout this site, simply click through to get to the Van Gogh prints gallery where a huge collection is available.

Van Gogh failed to sell Skull with Burning Cigarette as he did almost any other painting which he created during his career, an incredible statistic when considering the success his work has achieved since his death. The artist became a household name right across the world and in some ways a cult figure for those inspired by his creative mind and highly troubled life which sadly ended in tragedy.

Those interested in discovering more great paintings from Van Gogh should certainly consider a visit to his own museum which was set up by his family in Amsterdam and features a huge collection of his work, covering the full length of his career. Potato Eaters is also available here and follows a pretty similar style to Skull with Burning Cigarette with a darkened mood which marks a common theme throughout his early career.

It is quite possible that Van Gogh's career would have been completely overlooked had it not been for the bright arrays of colour which he used later on his career. However, with his reputation ensured, it is now accepted that his darker period early on in his career also offers much interest and academic quality, just in a way which is not as easy to immediately grasp.

We hope this website is informative and helpful to those looking to find out more about the fantastic artist plus this specific painting. There are many more sites available too, covering many of Van Gogh's other paintings which we are putting together and we shall link to them from here once they have each been completed, which should in the coming months.

Skull with Burning Cigarette remains a relatively lesser known painting from the career of Van Gogh, but still with a substantial cult following who find it's appearance revolutionary and alternative, with the key image serving excellently as a simple posters for students and youths. There seems no reason to expect this popularity to change anytime soon, and perhaps the painting will even compete with his other paintings in the future.

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