Whilst predominantly known as a landscape painter, with most of his artworks not featuring anything else but the green scenery of the Bavarian countryside, there were occassional entries into the world of portraiture and architectural painting. In this case he chooses to centre in on a small settlement in order to capture this significant moment. There is a small trail of individuals who slowly drift off into the background with the elements of landscape placed only in the background.

The congregation of figures, deep in dicussion, would suggest that the departure was perhaps controversial, possibly impacted by local politics. Otherwise there would have been no need for all the discussions. Behind all this is a calming sun which drops light into the piece and allows the foreground a brighter finish. Surrounding it is a cloud formation which darkens other areas of the sky and makes the sun appear even clearer.

Albrecht Altdorfer was famous for the attention to detail that he placed into his paintings, and this one is no different in that regard. He was briefer in approach within his etchings and perhaps saw that medium as more of an opportunity to generate funding for other areas of his career. His drawings were more in line with his paintings, though without the crucial display of colour other than a fleeting use of touches of watercolour in some examples.