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Tom Gurney BSc (Hons) is an art history expert with over 20 years experience
Published on June 19, 2020 / Updated on October 14, 2023
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This renowned painting is Albrecht Durer's masterpiece. Albrecht was a famous German printmaker who spent his life-changing the world in the best way he knew how through painting. He went on to rub shoulders with the elite in this scene, including Leonardo Da Vinci.

During the year 1511, Albrecht, in his painting series The Large Passion, mostly about religion, painted Christ Taken Captive. This painting was really a diamond in the rough; it went on to gain recognition the world over. This chef-d’oeuvre is currently on display at the British Museum. It is open to the public for viewing but, of course, under high-security surveillance. Such an ancient painting is invaluable and deserves nothing but our admiration. Art lovers who visit the museum are swayed by the detail that went into the painting. There are meticulous images of how Jesus was captured. Just a glance at the painting gives you an emotional roller-coaster, especially for firm believers of Christ. There are swords and spears pointed at him, and an overall mood of chaos is depicted in the painting.

Albrecht painted this piece in the year 1511. Additionally, it is believed that he came up with this painting at Albertina, Vienna, in Austria. This painting came out to depict the end times of Jesus Christ. In this series of paintings, The Large Passion, he painted the arrest of Christ, torture, and death of the Messiah. Truly it is accurate when they say a picture is worth a thousand words; this picture speaks volumes. Additionally, this painting delivers a message of sorrow and suffering. However, it is not clear what Albrecht was going through during this period because many may argue that a painting describes how a painter feels. That it tells the painter’s story. For what it is worth, Albrecht really knew how to express his stories through his art.

In his series dubbed The Large Passion, Albrecht drew two more related drawings. They include: Christ at Mt Olives and Christ on the Cross with the Virgin and St. John. Both of these drawings depict how Jesus suffered and wept. Christ at Mt.Olives brings out the notion of how Jesus wept over Jerusalem as according to the New Testament in the Bible. In the second painting, it brings out the mood that rented the air after Christ died. The sorrow Mary felt after losing a son. During his trips to Italy, Albrecht is said to have picked some inspiration from Antonio Pollainuolo and Lorenzo di Credi. After all, artists need inspiration. Additionally, he made quite an impact on the world. First, he progressed the techniques of painting and also lengthened the subject matter through a series of painting. Art is truly wonderful. It is amazing what one can draw and how much they can impact society. All one needs is a positive source of inspiration, and you can take on the world.