The work of Nuremburg-born Albrecht Durer is now spread right across Europe and beyond, so it is pleasing that atleast some of his work remains in Germany. This particular drawing was created using silverpoint on paper and fits the standard size for most of his work in this medium. He would make use of this model several times, though in other artworks the model was a small part of a much larger composition.

There is little more to remind us of olden times than someone playing a lute for the entertainment of others, with this musical instrument rarely seen in the present day. Television shows depicting the Renaissance will inevitably feature such musicians at times of festivities and celebration. Music was also more generally a significant part of the Renaissance, which also encompassed advancements in literature, architecture and engineering.

To contrast the work of Durer with some members from the Italian Renaissance, and in the years soon after, perhaps check out drawings from the likes of Raphael, Sandro Botticelli and Caravaggio. The styles, tools and techniques will differ considerably from one to another, just as their paintings do.