Once again, the popular themes of nature, flora and attractive, female models posing seductively are all present, but this time, they are framed in a Gothic-style, arched window.

Set on a Mediterranean beach, with rolling golden sand dunes and a smooth, empty beach behind the girl, the blue colour of the sea contrasts with the clusters of white and grey cloud forming in the sky in the background.

Is this a glimpse into Mucha’s personality: even on a sunny day, there are still grey clouds (sadness and depression) forming in the background, to race up on an unsuspecting victim when they least expect it?

The young girl stands facing the viewer, with both of her hands behind her head. She is playing with her long auburn hair; placing bright yellow sunflowers into her curls.

She wears a flowing gold strapless dress that accentuates her natural curves and covers the length of her body, except for her delicate shoulders and arms. Tall and bright, yellow sunflowers blow in the breeze: behind her body, in front of her and wrapping around her - a metaphor for the warmth of the sun.

Her reflective mood is represented by the flora and nature surrounding her. An ornamental frame encloses the whole picture.

This frame includes a Gothic window frame, which links back to Mucha’s philosophy and religious contradictions.

The Gothic window frame draws the viewers' eye into the middle of the painting: either side of the symmetrical frame, pentagonal flowers of varying sizes fill the arches – almost like two bouquets either side of the girl.