The painting illustrates a beautiful, young woman cavorting next to a tree. The use of her wearing a white dress and long flowing blonde locks, highlighted the purity and innocence of the start to a season. The woman is holding a lyre, a Greek classical string instrument, on which three birds sit atop. The use of reds, pinks and greens blend together to create a stunning image of a new dawn. Another signal of the ermergence of the new season is shown with the portrayal of pink blossom on the trees and also within the lady's hair. A beautiful painting which starts arguably Muscha's most popular series of works. This rich tapestry is perfect to show a new start or the freshness of youth.

Best known for his distinctive style, Alphonse Maria Mucha was a Czech painter and decorative artist who worked during the turn of the 20th century. He was famous for his illustrations and often worked creating advertisements and designs for postcards. One of the most illustrious series of paintings Mucha created during his lifetime was titled, The Seasons. Created in 1896, the series of four paintings includes Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winte; these quickly became some of his most revered works. The series became so popular that Mucha was asked to produce another two sets based around similar themes.