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Published on June 19, 2020 / Updated on October 14, 2023
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The Annunciation painting is one of the greatest works of Andrea Del Verrocchio during that was created between circa 1472-1475.

On a 98cm by 217cm canvas, Andrea Del Verrocchio, along with Leonardo da Vinci, was able to paint one of the most stunning pictures which has captured the attention of so many people both in Italy and around the world. Despite its age, the Annunciation painting still carries great significance in this modern times with its message being passed across from generation to generation especially among religious practices. There are no records or evidence available showing who commissioned this great art. More on Leonardo da Vinci's work on the Annunciation is here.

Andrea Del Verrocchio created this painting with the help of one of his brilliant students Leonardo da Vinci. The collaboration led to this great piece with great details. This is not the only painting that Andrea Del Verrocchio is seen collaborating with Leonardo da Vinci. The same collaboration was seen on his most artistic work of the battle of pydna where Leonardo da Vinci is known to have painted the background of the battlefield.

The annunciation painting was developed on a panel with tempera and oil. This is a technique that Andrea Del Verrocchio used in many of his artworks. Through this technique he is seen to deliver amazing works that have grown to be very recognizable. Unlike the ‘battle of pydna’ which he used tempera only in the annunciation he incorporated oil.

This painting is developed by some of the amazing and skilled men in the history of art. With the oil and tempera technique Andrea Del Verrocchio in collaboration with Leonardo da Vinci produce a masterpiece painting explaining the annunciation which appears to have taken place outdoors. Through the painting, the virgin is drawn seated going through a book. There is also an angel who is seen kneeling on one knee and talking to the virgin. The creation of the surrounding atmosphere is amazing with some of the most creative details capturing the whole scene pretty well. In this painting Andrea Del Verrocchio delivers a rather familiar concept in a more amazing way.

The grass surrounding the angel has been drawn to great precision with a flowery meadow showing his special attention to small details and the natural world. He is seen to cover even the minutest details that any ordinary painter would find irrelevant. With these minute details, he is able to showcase the realism of the painting. To increase the remoteness of the location. Andrea Del Verrocchio adds different species of pine trees that are seen from a distance. There is also great attention paid to the clouds which are nicely drawn and placed at distinct positions symbolizing.

To showcase the height of one mountain he is seen to have it go past the clouds. With this feature any person looking at the paint has the position to estimate the height of that particular mountain. As much as the two painters paid more attention to the background of the paint. It is clearly seen that so many details were also incorporated in the creation of the main figures in the paint, the virgin and angel Gabriel. The angel is painted with great concentration. Andrea Del Verrocchio goes to a great length to incorporate the angles shadow in the painting. This is another aspect that shows his attention to detail. The wings are neatly and carefully drawn to give it the perception of wings. His robe is nicely done with great use of color to make it even more appealing.

The great annunciation painting is now under the protection and care of The Uffizi museum in room 35. Its original location has never been known. It is gently displayed for the public and has been an attraction to so many people from all corners of the world.